12The Spider (Earth-311)

Spider-Man 1602

What if all of your favorite Marvel superheroes had lived centuries in the past as opposed to present day? How different would they be? The limited series Marvel 1602 sought to answer those questions in a reality designated Earth-311. The limited series was published in 2003, and

re-imagined many of Marvel's most beloved characters existing in the Elizabethan era.

As mysterious weather leads many to believe the apocalypse is at hand, Queen Elizabeth tasks her head of intelligence, Sir Nicholas Fury, to investigate what is really going on. Fury's assistant is none other than Peter Parquagh.

Parquagh's transformation into Spider-Man was merely teased throughout the original eight issue run, with a number of comedic run ins with various exotic spiders. Patient fans were placated when he was finally bitten towards the end of the series, leading him to don a mask and take up the mantle of “The Spider” in the 2005 sequel.

1602 provided a unique spin on the superhero genre as we had come to know it, and was one of the most successful comics of 2003. If you needed another reason to check this series out (aside from the insane costume glimpsed above, of course), it was written by the legendary Neil Gaiman.

Pavitr Prabhakar aka Spider-Man India of Marvel Comics
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