Marvel's Spider-Man Artwork Highlights Updated Villain Costumes

Spider-Man animated movie details

It's looks like Peter Parker will be taking on some classic villains in Marvel's Spider-Man, the upcoming animated series featuring the Wall Crawler. Spider-Man has never really left the big or small screen for very long. Over the decades, he's had a number of films and TV shows, each ending with another swiftly taking its place. On the film side, Peter will once again return in July with Spider-Man: Homecoming, while Miles Morales will get his own animated Spider-Man movie next year. And on the TV side, the Web Slinger is once again starting over.

After the cancellation of the popular but short-lived Spectacular Spider-Man, Disney XD launched Ultimate Spider-Man as a way to introduce more Marvel characters and build a loosely-connected universe. After four seasons, though, the popular show bowed out earlier this year. Luckily for fans, there's already plans for a new series. Last October, we learned that Disney XD would be launching a new TV show sometime this year simply called Marvel's Spider-Man, but news on the project has been scant ever since. With a previously-confirmed Summer 2017 launch date, however, more details are starting to leak out.

Artist Patrick Brown has posted some artwork that he says is for Marvel's Spider-Man animated TV series, showing a slightly updated take on Peter and a cavalcade of villains. Check it out, below:

While Spidey only has some slight tweaks, Green Goblin, Rhino, and Doctor Octupus have added some armor and accents to their outfits. Still, they look fairly similar to the versions introduced in the '90s animated series that most fans remember. Lizard, meanwhile, looks almost identical to that show's take on the character, down to the clothes he's wearing. The biggest difference is the Vulture, who's sporting a more high-tech version of his costume than we've previously seen.

Though one member shy, the line-up of villains immediately calls to mind the Sinister Six that Spidey has faced in just about every one of his TV shows and most of his comics. Their sixth member, however, may have been revealed awhile back. The only other word we've had on the show came late last year, when some artwork revealed that Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen are starring in the show alongside Peter. Introduced in separate universes in the comics and Ultimate Spider-Man, the characters have gone on to play into the main action in both mediums. That tease also showed off a classic take on Venom, meaning he could join up with the other villains for a new iteration of the Sinister Six.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man will premiere sometime this summer on Disney XD.

Source: Patrick Brown

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