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Avengers X-Men

This is it, the one we’ve all been waiting for. If the deal goes ahead, this is the one we all want to see happen. Despite the two teams operating independently for decades, with only a handful of team-ups for the first forty years of Marvel comic history, they operate

much more closely these days and there are many storylines to adapt.

Should they follow the comic books, adaptions of ‘90s crossovers like Bloodlines or Onslaught could be contenders. A much more likely storyline to adapt is House of M, where the heroes found themselves in an alternate reality created by the Scarlet Witch’s magic and fuelled by Xavier’s awesome telepathic powers. It could even create the much-needed multi-universe retcon that would allow both movie timelines to co-exist, or reboot the muddled X-Men one.

One massive boost that could come from a Fox/Marvel deal is that characters from one team could join the other. With X-Men like Beast and Wolverine having been long-standing members of the Avengers, we could see them join the Avengers on-screen and give us a cinematic universe even more impressive than Marvel’s own.

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