Marvel's Skrulls Are Launching ANOTHER Secret Invasion

Warning: SPOILERS for Meet The Skrulls #1

Marvel Comics may be preparing for another Secret Invasion, with Skrull infiltrators once again sneaking their way into positions of power in Marvel's Universe. The shapeshifting aliens are finally making their way into the MCU in Captain Marvel. Naturally, that means now is the perfect time for Marvel Comics to launch a new, Skrull-centered ongoing series.

Written by Robbie Thompson with art by Niko Henrichon, Meet the Skrulls is the story of what seems to be an ordinary, all-American family... but one that harbors a dark secret. In reality, they are Skrulls, alien shapeshifters who hide among us. It's hardly a new concept - the original "Secret Invasion" arc included promotional artwork teasing Skrulls as both superheroes and civilians - but this is actually quite a fresh take. This time around, the story is being told from the point of view of the Skrull family themselves.

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Meet the Skrulls #1 introduces readers to the Warner family: Carl, an employee of Stark Industries. Gloria, who's taken on the role of a Congresswoman's aide. Madison, a teenage girl who revels in cruelty, and the youngest, Alice, who goes to Stamford High. The family have been on Earth for many years - in fact, Alice grew up on Earth, not in Skrull space - and they're helping to prepare the way for the next invasion attempt.

Unfortunately for the Skrulls, it seems humanity is developing the technology to detect and destroy Skrull impostors, and as a result the Warners have been set a desperate mission: to find a way to bring down the sinister Project Blossom.

The first issue doesn't reveal much about Project Blossom, or about the Skrulls' invasion plans. It does, however, offer several crucial hints. Firstly, it's worth noting that the Warners have settled in Stamford, a key location in Marvel Comics history. A tragedy at Stamford led to the first "Civil War" event back in the early 2000s, and ever since Stamford has been strongly connected with political attempts to police and control superhumans. Fitting with this, Gloria has apparently manipulated matters so the Congresswoman she works for is scheduled to meet with representatives from Project Blossom. Meanwhile, the fact that Carl is working at Stark Industries suggests Tony Stark is involved somehow, and that Project Blossom is using Stark-tech to track down Skrulls. Finally, there's a hint that a Skrull generates some sort of energy signature whenever they use their shapeshifting powers; that's presumably how Project Blossom is finding Skrulls.

But the most interesting twist is Alice, a rebellious teenager whose heart clearly isn't set on the mission. She's being positioned as the loose hero of this story, and is surely set to rebel against her Skrull parents. Most Skrull plots are defeated by superheroes; but could this one be stopped by a wayward Skrull teenager?

Meet the Skrulls #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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