5 Confirmed Marvel Shows Coming To Hulu (And 5 Rumored)

Marvel Daredevil SR

While Marvel continues to rule the box office, they have so much content it’s spilling into the world of television. It was previously announced that several Marvel shows would be featured as part of Disney’s new streaming service. And seeing as Disney partially owned Hulu, there is a slew of other Marvel characters joining The Runaways on their service.

It was announced that several Marvel animated projects are being created to air on Hulu. And while these specific characters seem perfect for animated shows, there might still be some live action Marvel adventures coming as well. Check out all the Marvel shows confirmed and rumored to be heading to Hulu.

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10 Confirmed: Hit-Monkey

As if the name does not spell it out clearly, Hit-Monkey is a rather strange property in the Marvel library. Yet, despite seeming too “out there” for the mainstream, it has come up as a possible adaption before with James Gunn expressing interest.

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Wisely, Marvel decided animation was a good place to start for this story of a Japanese snow monkey who, after being mentored by an assassin, goes on a mission of revenge. Think John Wick as a monkey. The Hulu show will be written and executive produced by Josh Gordon and Will Speck (Blades of Glory, Office Christmas Party).

9 Rumored: The New Warriors

The New Warriors seemed like another slam dunk for Marvel. The comics followed a group of young heroes with aspirations of becoming the next Avengers. The team featured such characters as Squirrel Girl and Speedball.

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The show was quickly developed, cast, and even shot a pilot. However, it was ultimately rejected by Freeform where it was meant to air. The show has since been looking for a place to call home. After the success of The Runaways, it’s not hard to believe Hulu could be a suitable place for it to finally air.

8 Confirmed: Tigra And Dazzler

Dazzler X-Men

While they didn’t start out too strong, Marvel movies are finally starting to embrace their female heroes. It seems they’re looking to keep that up on the television side of things with Tigra & Dazzler. This team-up show comes from writers and executive producers Erica Rivinoja and Chelsea Handler.

In the comics, Tigra is a half-cat/half-human crime fighter while Dazzler is a mutant hero and famous singer. The show will follow them as they fight for recognition in a male-dominated world of superheroes. It’s sure to upset many fanboys and, hopefully, bring a fresh perspective to the genre.

7 Rumored: Luke Cage

Mike Colter as Luke Cage

Once Disney announced their own streaming service, it seemed like Marvel content on other platforms were on short notice. Indeed, shortly afterward, it was announced that the popular Luke Cage show on Netflix was canceled, which came as a major surprise to fans.

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While the reason for cancellation is unknown, it has been speculated that Marvel wants to control their own shows in house. That could possibly mean Luke Cage could continue on Hulu. No official word has been given about the show’s future, but fans are holding out hope.

6 Confirmed: MODOK

MODOK of Marvel Comics


Marvel has done a pretty good job bringing some of the more bizarre characters to the big screen in plausible ways. Still, they have yet to figure out how to handle, the evil genius who consists of a giant head and tiny limbs.

Like Hit-Monkey, MODOK’s best chances seem to be in animation. But it seems we won’t be getting the full-blown villain from the comics. The show will be a comedy depicting MODOK’S struggles with balancing his supervillain lifestyle with his demanding family. It will be written and executive produced by Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt.

5 Rumored: Daredevil

Like Luke Cage, Daredevil seems to have fallen victim Marvel’s big picture plans. But while Luke Cage was certainly popular, Daredevil seemed like the crowning jewel of the Netflix series. It was the first of the Marvel shows to premiere and it had just wrapped up its acclaimed third season prior to cancellation.

Losing this show was a real blow to fans. Since then, many have hoped that the backlash would convince Marvel they had made a mistake and the show would be brought back. While that seems unlikely, Hulu could be the platform to revive the series should Marvel so choose.

4 Confirmed: Howard The Duck

Howard the Duck Marvel Comics

For many years, Howard the Duck was the laughing stock of the Marvel universe, thanks to the character’s poorly received 1986 film. Since then, Howard has regained some clout, mostly due to his cameos in the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

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Now seems like the perfect time to bring him back for his own solo adventure – albeit on the small screen. The show is being written by Kevin Smith and Dave Willis and will follow the intergalactic duck on his quest to return home. It remains to be seen if Seth Green will reprise the role.

3 Rumored: Blade

Marvel Blade Movie

So many comic book film fans forget that modern cinema’s obsession with superheroes started with 1998’s Blade. The Wesley Snipe film was a huge hit and spawned two sequels before the franchise went dead.

Snipes himself has spoken about the possibilities of continuing on adventures as Blade. While a film could be in the works, there is more and more talk of the character heading to television. This would be a fun character to have a series around, and if it were to air on Hulu, it could avoid connecting to the MCU.

2 Confirmed: The Offenders

Marvel sure does love their crossover events. In the fashion of The Avengers and The Defenders, Marvel has some big picture plans for their new Hulu animated shows. After they all air, Howard the Duck, MODOK, Hit-Monkey, and Tigra and Dazzler will all team up for The Offenders.

It will be interesting to see how all these very bizarre characters from different projects come together and how well they mesh. Luckily, it sounds like they’re not taking things too seriously so it could have some real fun with the team-up concept we’re all so used to by now.

1 Rumored: Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Of all the Marvel characters who have yet to join the MCU, Moon Knight might be most wanted by fans. The character of Moon Knight is unique in terms of superheroes. Mercenary Marc Spector becomes the Moon Knight to fight crime but must also contend with battking a multiple personality disorder.

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Such a complex character might be better suited for television as the story could spend more time examining this perspective we don’t often see in heroes. Also, his adventures might be too dark for the MCU, so Hulu could allow the character to do his own thing.

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