Marvel Reportedly Planning MCU Hall H Panel At SDCC 2019

Marvel Studios is reportedly planning to return to San Diego Comic-Con 2019 for a Hall H presentation that could reveal the first Phase 4 details.

The future plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe may soon be unveiled, as Marvel Studios is reportedly planning a return to San Diego Comic-Con 2019 with a Hall H panel. San Diego Comic-Con has been a staple event for geek culture over the last several decades, and many studios have made a habit out of making major announcements during the convention. Marvel Studios has followed suit - when they have attended - and treated attendees with exclusive footage, plenty of A-list stars, and more.

While Marvel has impressed on many occasions, they've also skipped out on SDCC in a few recent years. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige says that the decisions to miss out on the convention are because they didn't have enough to show fans. This year, Marvel's participation in the event was unclear, especially with Disney's own convention (D23) being held a few weeks later, but now we know that they're likely going to return.

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According to Deadline, Marvel Studios will hold a Hall H panel at SDCC 2019. The outlet has no information on who will be in attendance, what types of announcements will be made, or even when it will be held. However, the history of SDCC points to Marvel getting another prime Saturday slot this year, where they could treat fans with confirmation on plans for Phase 4.

Marvel's return to SDCC after skipping last year is reassuring news for all the fans who believed they would attend and already bought their passes. The MCU panel will come on the heels of Spider-Man: Far From Home - the last film of Phase 3 - hitting theaters. The timing of this could work out exactly as Marvel had hoped, with them now being able to detail what else they have coming. Confirmation that the several Phase 4 movies they're developing are indeed on the way is very likely, while plot and casting details could be part of any announcements. Furthermore, Marvel could even reveal the first footage of Black Widow to those in attendance, since production is currently underway.

If Marvel does deliver as much news as expected, it should have little trouble dominating the conversation and coming out of SDCC as a major winner. It could be even easier to do so too with Warner Bros. and DC skipping out on Hall H this year. And, even if Marvel does pull back the curtain on Phase 4 at SDCC, they could make even more announcements at D23. It wouldn't be surprising if SDCC focuses primarily on the movies and then D23 is used to highlight the plethora of upcoming Disney+ original shows. As for Marvel Studios' new access to the X-Men and Fantastic Four, many will undoubtedly hope to learn something about their plans for them. Regardless, it would appear that this summer will be filled with plenty of MCU updates.

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Source: Deadline

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