Marvel's Runaways: Molly Shows Off Her Powers in New Trailer

A clip from the fifth episode of Marvel's Runaways has hit the web and it showcases Allegra Acosta's Molly Hernandez finally showing off her powers. The freshman teen drama, dubbed "the OC with superpowers" by critics, has been steadily gaining steam as the episodes progress. It's not hard to see why since the show offers teenage angst mixed with a compelling mystery in addition to superhuman abilities.

Focusing on six children living in upper-class Los Angeles, the "runaways", Gertrude Yorkes and her adopted sister Molly Hernandez, Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Chase Stein, and Karolina Dean live a seemingly charmed life. After discovering that charmed life might come with a price, the group find themselves drawn into a mystery involving Karolina's mother and her Gibborim church, a number of missing children, and even a dinosaur. As each one of the group uncovers the secrets buried in their family's past, the one character without parents to interrogate is Molly Hernandez, who possesses super strength but has no idea how or why she has that power.

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In this new clip, Molly finally gets to share her ability with Gertrude 'Gert' Yorkes and Karolina Dean. In the comics, Molly's parents were mutants which made her "cramps" part of manifesting a mutant ability. In the show, Acosta has Molly's character down to a science and the show has made her abilities comic accurate. Molly sports the same glowing eyes and super strength, capable of lifting cars among other things, but lacking a pair of mutant parents, how Molly got her abilities remains a major mystery in the show.

It seems as if the fifth episode might be poised to at least pose the question to the group at large. The previous episodes have seen Acosta experimenting with her abilities, similar to Peter Parker experimenting with his suit from Tony Stark in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Viewers know that Molly's parents exist and died in a fire, but just how she got her abilities remains a mystery. Fans have a number of options, ranging from Inhuman DNA to being some sort of experiment, or even something entirely new.

The mystery of Molly's powers and their source could prove to be a major Easter egg, however, one the show might save for a (hopefully) second season. That said, it's important to address, since Molly's parents being mutants affected her interactions with other superpowered beings and if Marvel's Runaways intends to cross over with any of the other sub-groups of the MCU, her powers must be explained.

At the very least, now that she's finally shown the group what she can do, there might be more eyes on the problem and more people with potential solutions. After all, she's not the only one who's discovered special abilities. Karolina Dean has discovered an inhuman bioluminescence and Nico Minoru has discovered that her mother's wall art has some unique, almost magical abilities of its own.

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Marvel's Runaways debuts new episodes Tuesdays on Hulu.

Source: Runaways/Twitter

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