Runaways Teaser Trailer: Teenage Superheroes, Supervillain Parents

After a long wait, the highly anticipated Marvel series Runaways has gotten its first trailer. While Marvel TV kicked off with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC, it's since expanded to other networks. Netflix is about to land its sixth MCU show with The Punisher. Meanwhile, Freeform will gain both Cloak & Dagger and New Warriors next year. Coming up next month, Runaways will debut on Hulu.

Based on the hit Marvel comic book series, the Runaways TV show will see a group of teens discover that their parents are actually a cabal of supervillains. As they attempt to get away, they'll have to navigate their changing lives as new powers begin to manifest amongst the group. Last week we finally got our first images from the show. Now, the teaser trailer is here too.

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Hulu debuted the teaser trailer for Runaways at New York Comic Con 2017, and it lays out the foundation of the series. In the short video, we get to meet the various main characters, see the The Pride's dark ritual, and witness the emergence of powers. Plus, we finally see the emergence of Old Lace, the velociraptor that hangs out with the character Gert.

Though the teaser is short, it does an effective job recreating the first issue of the Runaways comic. We see the kids come together at Alex's house before they stumble on the ritual sacrifice their parents are taking part in. From there, flashes of the rest of the series emerge as we see the kids on the run, learning about each other and their powers, and clips from the parents' perspective.

That last bit is especially interesting, as the Pride wasn't fully explored in the original comics. Instead, it looks as if the show will both deal with the lives of the teenagers and their parents. By doing so, the Pride likely won't be portrayed as straight-forward villains. Even their sacrificial lamb seems to be quite comfortable with her lot.

The teaser also gives us our first taste of the more comic book-y elements of the show. We see Nico and her mother wielding the Staff of One—which previously appeared in Doctor Strange held by a different Tina Minoru. We also see young Molly's eyes glowing, hinting at her abilities. In the comics, she's a mutant with strength, but it's not clear how much of that will translate to the show.

Karolina, meanwhile, fully displays her alien powers as she lights up in several scenes. Finally, we get a fleeting glimpse of Old Lace. Like Inhumans with Lockjaw, it seems Runaways isn't shying away from an all-CG character. We'll have to wait a bit longer, however, to decide if the show pulls it off.

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Runaways premieres November 21 on Hulu.

Source: Hulu

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