Runaways Images Introduce Marvel's Teen Superhero Team & The Pride

Marvel's Runaways

Marvel has unveiled the first images for their new Hulu series Runaways, which will introduce the teen superhero team from the comics this fall. Outside of ABC and Netflix, Marvel is all set to bring a number of new shows to TV over the next year. First up, however, will be an adaptation of the hit comic Runaways. Focused on a group of teens who discover their parents are supervillains, the heroes must navigate their changing lives, budding abilities, and familial relationships. All told, the project should be unlike anything Marvel has made so far.

Despite the fact that Runaways will arrive on Hulu this November, not much has been revealed about the show. While Cloak & Dagger has already gotten a trailer, we've so far only seen a bootleg teaser for this fall's Runaways. That will likely all change, however, when Marvel brings the series to New York Comic Con next month. While fans wait for the first look at the characters in action, though, a new batch of images have arrived for the show.

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EW has a new set of photos from what looks to be the premiere episode of Runaways. While we first saw the cast come together in the official Runaways banner earlier this year, these images offer us our first proper look at the show itself. Not only do we get more images of the main characters here, but we finally get to see their evil parents, The Pride. Check them out in the gallery below:

[vn_gallery name="Marvel’s Runaways First Look Images" id="1076986"]

The shots of the Runaways and the Pride seem to be from an initial confrontation between the two groups. Given that the kids aren't outright heroes and aren't fully aware of their parent's mob-like empire, the show will likely navigate the struggle the team has in deciding what to do with their elders.

On top of the group shots, we also get individual images of each of the six main characters. Most look pretty true to the comics, though a few tweaks have been made. Chase is said to be both a jock and an engineer, a change from the source material where he lacked his parents' genius. Molly, meanwhile, has been aged up a bit - and she likely won't be a mutant on the show either. As for Gert, she certainly looks the part, but she's missing her sidekick.

One of the big questions about Runaways is whether Gert's raptor Old Lace would feature in the series. While Lockjaw's inclusion in Inhumans certainly makes it seem more possible, no one has said a word about the dinosaur yet. With the show headed to NYCC next month, hopefully that question and more will be answered. And likely, we'll get our first trailer for the series then too.

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Runaways premieres November 21 on Hulu.

Source: EW

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