Marvel's Runaways Trailer #2 Introduces MCU's First Dinosaur

The new trailer for Marvel's Runaways has arrived, and it finally showcases the super-powers of the show's teens. While most Marvel properties film under the watchful eyes of countless fans and photographers, Runaways has been able to keep a tight lid on things during its production. Since the Hulu series was first announced, only a handful of images and snatches of information have been released for the TV series. That all changed a few weeks ago when the first trailer for Runaways was released.

The first look at Runaways offered all sorts of teases, from the agenda of The Pride to how the various teens will come together to stop their parents. All told, many of the elements from the original comic book run were alluded to in the teaser, signaling a faithful adaptation of the source material. The trailer has offered a glimpse of Old Lace and offered various teases of the main characters using their abilities. Now, a full-length preview for the series has arrived.

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Marvel has released the second trailer for Runaways online (see above), ahead of the show's debut at the end of next month. While it retreads a number of beats from the first trailer, it also expands on them to provide viewers with a better idea of how things will kick off on the series. Even more exciting, every one of the Runaways' abilities and powers are on full display here.

Old Lace was merely teased in the first trailer, with a shot of its snout bearing down on Molly. Here, the dinosaur is shown flitting in and out of various scenes, offering a sense of the Old Lace's look and scope. Both Nico and her mother Tina are shown utilizing the Staff of One here, too. Though both the mystical weapon and Tina cameoed in Doctor Strange, this will be the first time the powerful artifact is used to its full potential in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The first trailer also teased Karolina's alien abilities, but the newest look at the show offers even more footage of her lighting up. Chase in also shown wearing his full gear for the first time here. With goggles and gauntlets straight out of the comics, the tech is shown unleashing a variety of attacks throughout the trailer - and it's not just Chase using the gear.

The Pride were only hinted at previously, but the new trailer shows that they will be just as much a part of the show as their kids. Chase's father (James Marsters) is shown here wearing the gauntlets he invented, and there are shots of him appearing to kidnap Karolina. There's also plenty of footage of The Pride's activities, both in the shadows and the spotlight. It looks like Runaways will offer a glimpse of how they operate in society, which will only make it that much harder for the kids to take them down and prove they're evil.

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Runaways premieres Tuesday, November 21 on Hulu.

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