Marvel's Runaways Are Celebrating Thanksgiving

A new promo for Marvel's Runaways celebrates the premiere of the show on Hulu and brings the kids together for an eerie Thanksgiving meal.

The teen heroes of Runaways sit down for a family meal in the latest promo for the show - but they're not alone. In the original Runaways comic series from 2003, the titular group of kids were defined by their personal issues and the tension that existed between them. Along with that - and a healthy distrust of their parents - the Runaways also share a unique bond. Runaways the series changes up the backstory of the friendship a little bit, but the results keep the potential for conflict and character development alive for the future.

Though Hulu prefers sticking to a weekly release schedule rather than premiering any entire season at once, they did augment that decision for Runaways by adding the first three episodes on the release day. As a result, audiences get a solid understanding of the kids and their parents along with plenty of teases for plots and mysteries to come. The latest promo for the show takes advantage of the darkness lurking at the edge of the series while also showing the awkward-yet-endearing relationship the teens share.

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Marvel released a new promo for Runaways that doesn't appear to include footage from the series itself. While it could be from an upcoming episode, the end implies the spot is merely designed to piggyback on Thanksgiving and encapsulate the themes of the show. We get a quick hint of each character's personality as well as the type of banter we've seen in the first three episodes. The whole thing ends with the Runaways' parents, in full Pride attire, coming up behind them and providing an apt summary of the show's plot.

The moment feels a little too blunt to be plucked straight from the show, but perhaps an upcoming episode will see The Pride come out in the open. More likely, it's simply meant to evoke the danger the Runaways are in. It also mimics the recent Runaways banner which showcased the six kids and their superpowers while featuring the parents lurking in the background.

So far, Runaways has been getting fairly positive reviews. Critics have admired the cast, the expansion of The Pride as characters, and how faithful most of the core themes and plots are to the comics. As the series continues to unfold, we'll see just how much it connects to the MCU and what the future holds for it. Hopefully, we'll even get word of a series renewal from Hulu.

Marvel is set to greatly expand their TV roster over the next year, with Cloak & Dagger and New Warriors adding even more teen heroes. After the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we'll likely see even more youth-focused superhero projects. For now, however, Runaways will carry that torch for the MCU.

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Runaways airs Tuesdays on Hulu.

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