Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Confirmed For Winter Premiere

The second season of Marvel's Runaways will premiere on Hulu this winter. Marvel may have started their venture into TV with ABC, but they quickly expanded their reach. Netflix became the home of Hell's Kitchen's street level heroes, while Freeform picked up the teen-drama Cloak & Dagger. Another teen-centric show, Runaways, found its home with Hulu and generated extremely high praise when it debuted in late 2017.

Just before the season one finale, Hulu confirmed they renewed Runaways for a second season. The renewal wasn't surprising by that point, but Hulu increasing the show's output to 13 episodes (instead of 10) was. The expanded production wasn't met with any sign of a release, and Hulu has decided not to stray too far from where the show originally found success.

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TVLine's EIC Matt Mitovich attended the set of season 2 of Runaways as part of the Television Critics Association 2018 press tour and confirmed new episodes will premiere "this winter" on Hulu. While no exact date has been announced just yet, there's a real chance the first batch of episodes will be made available before the year draws to a close.

When Runaways originally launched last year, the first three episodes debuted on November 21. The show continued to get new episodes up until the early parts of 2018. Now that Runaways has an additional three episodes to work into the schedule, it remains to be seen how or if Hulu will adjust their release schedule. They could double up more often or use the additional content to stretch Runaways' coverage.

The second season of Runaways has been filming since June, so they should have at least a few episodes already in the can at this point. There's yet to be any additional cast members announced for the sophomore effort though, so either there's still plenty of Runaways news to come or the show is keeping its scope intact. One area where the show could expand is with crossovers, and a winter premiere could give Runaways a long enough run to connect to Cloak & Dagger (something the showrunners and cast have been interested in).

Now that we have a time frame for Runaways season 2's release, it should fill a gap in Marvel's schedule. The next Marvel show that will debut is Iron Fist season 2 at the beginning of September. That is the only other MCU property confirmed to launch this year, although Daredevil season 3 could still possibly be a late 2018 release as well. Since Runaways season 1 ended with the kids finally running away, it's great to finally know when we'll get to see them again.

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Season 2 of Marvel's Runaways premieres on Hulu this winter.

Source: Matt Mitovich

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