Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Ending Explained

The New Pride At The End Of Runaways Season 2

As part of the Gibborim's takeover of several main characters, the Pride has a brand new look and positioning when the season ends. They began the season with eight members - both Wilders, both Minorus, both Yorkes, Janet Stein, and Leslie Dean - but that number is significantly smaller now. The Magistrate is now leading the charge, and Gibborim versions of Tina and Stacey are still involved, but are not completely themselves, as discussed earlier. They aim to unite the family of Magistrates and build a new vessel to leave Earth after their original ship was destroyed.

However, the new look Pride is already changing their approach and kidnapped three individuals: Karolina, Chase Stein (Gregg Sulkin), and his mother Janet. They have all been abducted and put in healing pods, waiting to be chosen as sacrifices for the Gibborim to steal life force from. The Gibborim must replenish their life force over time to keep the human body in a state that makes it possible to be a host. With Karolina, Chase, and Janet the early abductees, their futures appear to be grim. That said, considering the Magistrate is still running the show and his relationship with Karolina, she could be safe. If Chase and Janet have any hope of being freed, it may be up to Victor to regain control of his own body and rescue them.

But what about the remaining five members of the Pride team? Geoffrey (Ryan Sands) and Catherine Wilder (Angel Parker) have been arrested following a set up by Alex. Robert Minoru (James Yaegashi) was bleeding from the neck last time Runaways showed him, but he appears to be safe after "Tina" indicates he is being treated for his medical emergency. Dale Yorkes (Kevin Weisman) and Leslie look to have disassociated themselves with the Pride - at least for the time being.

The New Runaways Team

This brings us to the new Runaways team, which has also seen their numbers fall. Alex is still around and handles the finale's revelations the best of the bunch - maybe adding more evidence to him being the Magistrate's prince. Nico and Molly Hernandez (Allegra Acosta) have emotional breakdowns over the split dynamic of the group, as they worry they may never see those they care about - Karolina and Gert Yorks (Ariela Barer) respectively - again. Karolina and Chase's whereabouts are already known, while Gert has been put in the care of her father. Her return to the Runaways group may not happen anytime soon, as Dale's prepared for a cross-country road trip between himself, Gert, and Old Lace in an effort to get away from Stacey.

Oddly enough, Leslie is now in position to be a part of the team too. The group went out of their way to save her from the Church of Gibborin and have placed her under their care. With Karolina being taken by Jonah and Leslie's years of experience with him, she could become a useful ally. The same can be said for Xavin, who was instructed by Karolina to protect Leslie and the baby while she was away. Her absence will be a bit longer than originally anticipated, but Xavin is surely going to do all she can to protect the mother of her betrothed. She also has plenty of knowledge about the Magistrate family and tried to stand up to Jonah before, so she will undoubtedly be involved in whatever plan they cook up to try and rescue Karolina.

For the time being, it will be up to this group of five to try and defeat the Magistrate family, rescue those who are trapped, and hope they can return their loved ones to their regular personalities. It won't be too surprising if Gert and the remaining members of the original Pride team also become allies though, as almost every family has a personal interest in the matter - or just may want to get rid of the Gibborim once and for all. All will be revealed in Runaways season 3.

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