How Marvel's Runaways Brings Old Lace to Life

Rather than shying away from having a dinosaur on a TV show, Marvel's Runaways will use practical effects to bring Old Lace to life. Despite the show debuting in a little over a month, Marvel and Hulu have managed to keep things quiet regarding their upcoming adaptation of Runaways. While we saw an official cast photo a few months back, it wasn't until last week that promotion finally starting kicking off.

Ahead of New York Comic Con, Marvel released new images from the premiere of Runaways that offered more insight into the show's heroes and villains. They also debuted a Runaways poster for NYCC that finally confirmed Old Lace would be in the series. All of that was capped off with the release of the first trailer for Runaways at NYCC. In the preview, we got to see the Runaways themselves meet up and discover their parents' evil plot, along with teases of their superpowers and a proper first look at Old Lace. Now, we know how the dinosaur will be brought to life.

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During the Runaways roundtable at NYCC, actor Ariela Barer (who plays Old Lace's owner, Gert Yorkes) spoke a bit about how the Old Lace character was brought to life on the TV show:

"The puppet they made is the most incredible thing. It takes six puppeteers, it has so much detail. There’s literally one person pumping in air so you can see her inhale and exhale. You see her emotions. We don’t not make use of that. She’s around."

The confirmation that Old Lace will be a practical puppet is an interesting one. Fans wondered for a long time whether either Old Lace would appear on Runaways and/or Lockjaw would show up on Marvel's Inhumans TV show, given the budget and VFX restraints of the characters. Of course, we've known for awhile that Lockjaw plays a prominent part in Inhumans. In fact, his design and execution is one of the more praised elements of the series amongst all its negative reviews.

Despite that, it seems the team behind Runaways decided to go for a more natural route. While a TV budget - even one for a Hulu series - will still make it hard for Old Lace to look too realistic, the brief glimpse we got of the creature in the Runaways trailer shows that the series may just pull it off. We'll have to wait for the debut of the show next month to properly judge how effective the choice was, but it's certainly refreshing to know Marvel is willing to rely on practical effects when they feel it works better.

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Runaways premieres November 21st on Hulu.

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