Marvel's Runaways Reveals True Identity of the 'Gross Flaky Guy'

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For fans of Marvel's Runawaysthe mysteries are continuing to pile up. One, the identity of the "gross flaky guy" who the Pride sacrificed children for, has been revealed. The fifth episode of the series dropped last night, titled 'Kingdom', and fans finally got a look at just what, or who, Annie Wersching's Leslie Dean has been working to bring back. To the audience's surprise, it turned out to be Julian McMahon's mysterious Runaways role.

The series first revealed that the parents of the Runaways were sacrificing teens to a mysterious being in a white room in the Gibborim church during the pilot. Dubbed the "gross flaky guy" by the cast, he was one of the first mysteries introduced in the show. The fifth episode saw the Pride finally manage to complete their latest sacrifice to. Thanks to a little help from Rhenzy Feliz's Alex Wilder, the episode ended with Leslie greeting McMahon's Jonah, who had apparently been the gross flaky guy the whole time.

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McMahon sat down with EW to discuss his character and his motivations. While the gross flaky guy has a name, Jonah, he has a mysterious purpose that has yet to be revealed. He obviously has some degree of connection to Leslie Dean and the church of the Gibborim, but McMahon called him a "complicated character who was constantly evolving" during the course of the show. This marks McMahon's second Marvel supervillain, following his role as Victor Von Doom in the original Fantastic Four film. EW also revealed an image of McMahon on Runaways, take a look:

McMahon teased that Jonah's presence will shake up the show, alter the power dynamic in the Pride even further, and possibly impact Victoria Gardner's Karolina Dean, who was strongly hinted to be Jonah's daughter. When discussing Jonah's end-game with EW, the star hinted his goal was "something that no one would ever expect" and fans can expect a reveal in regards to Jonah in every episode.

Resolving one of the most intriguing aspects of Marvel's Runaways quickly is a smart move to keep the show's momentum going. Just what Jonah's motivation is remains to be seen for fans. The character has ties to the Wilders, and how much the characters know about Leslie's plan of bringing back Jonah remains to be seen - or how they might react.

In some ways, while resolving the issue of the "gross flaky guy" has solved one of the show's mysteries, a dozen new ones have taken their place. How Jonah fits into the scene remains to be seen, but McMahon has promised that there will be continuous reveals concerning the character and his motivations. What Jonah wants remains to be seen, but Marvel's smartest new show is sure to pull it off in an engaging way.

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Marvel's Runaways debuts new episodes Tuesdays on Hulu.

Source: EW

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