Marvel’s Runaways Casts Buffy Actor & More as Pride Parents

Runaways and The Pride

It's been less than a year since Marvel revealed it would be teaming up with streaming service Hulu to produce a series based on their hit comic Runaways. Following the story of a group of teens who discover their parents are secretly supervillains, the Runaways spend their time dodging their folks while trying to do good using a variety of smarts, skills, and superpowers. Since the show's announcement, we've learned that one of the writers of Iron Fist would be joining the show and that the series would shoot later this month (as would Marvel's other teen-centric series Cloak & Dagger). And things haven't slowed down since.

Just last week, we learned that the original six characters would in fact be the focus of the show, and learned the young actors who would be playing each one of them. While we're still patiently waiting to learn whether Gert will have her pet velociraptor, the only remaining question has been who would play the kids' nefarious parents. Luckily, that's no longer a mystery, as most of the cast has been rounded out with a number of TV alums.

TV Line has the rundown on who will be playing five out of the six sets of parents on the show, with young Molly Hernandez's folks still unaccounted for at the moment. Check out the cast and character descriptions below.

James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Ever Carradine (Major Crimes) as Victor and Janet, the parents of Chase Stein. "He’s an engineering genius who has lofty expectations for his son — and when they aren’t met, retribution can be fierce; she’s a perfect PTA mom harboring a brilliant mind of her own, and who longs for more from her life."

Annie Wersching (24) and Kip Pardue (Ray Donovan) as Leslie and Frank, the parents of Carolina Dean. "She’s a poised and skilled leader whose charisma draws in devoted allies and followers. He’s a former teen star who rode a short-lived movie career and is now teeming with insecurity."

Kevin Weisman (Alias) and Brigid Brannagh (Army Wives) as Dale and Stacey, the parents of Gert Yorkes. "He’s a bioengineer whose deep love for his family oftentimes falls short as far as knowing the right things to say to his daughter. Stacey, too, is a bioengineer, and utilizes a more progressive approach to her parenting style."

Ryan Sands (The Wire) and Angel Parker (The People v. O.J. Simpson) as Geoffrey and Catherine, the parents of  Alex Wilder. "He’s a hulking presence who can effortlessly shift from approachable father to intimidating strategist; she’s a successful lawyer, deliberate and calculating in both her words and actions."

Brittany Ishibashi (This Is Us) and James Yaegashi (Broadway’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s) as Tina and Robert, the parents of Nico Minoru. "She’s a perfectionist 'tiger mom,' as well as a brilliant innovator and ruthless CEO; he is a gentle and brilliant beta, 'the Woz to his wife’s Jobs.'"

All told, it's a pretty stellar cast that will help round out the younger actors. With so many talented cast members, all with plenty of genre experience, there's a good chance the series will focus more on the parents and their activities as The Pride than the comics did. Brian K. Vaughan, the creator of the comic and the show's executive consultant, addressed the casting choices and the potential they bring.

Runaways has enough great actors to support two shows, but I love that this project contains multiple generations of incredible talent all in one story.”

While the castings don't necessarily give us any information we don't already have, the absence of Molly's parents is odd. In the comics, she's a mutant, so how exactly Marvel will handle her is still a big question. The other peculiar thing about the casting is who's playing Tina Minoru. The elder Minoru had a brief cameo in Doctor Strange during the battle in Hong Kong. In the film, she was played by Linda Louise Duan, and her exploits as a sorcerer were further explored in a prequel comic to the film. Whether this part of the canon will play into Runaways, we may have to wait and see. It could be that Marvel will simply recast the role, or they could be breaking their "It's All Connected" rule and separating the two Tinas.

We'll know more soon, as Runaways is expected to premiere on Hulu sometime in 2018.

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Source: TV Line

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