Runaways' Chase Creates His Own Superpowers

Runaways will make at least one major change to Chase Stein: he will be creating his own Fistigons. After years in development as a potential film, the move to TV for Runaways worried fans considering the powers and characters involved. The trailers for Runaways, however, show that the series isn't shying away from the source material. Both CGI and practical effects will bring Old Lace to life. Meanwhile, Karolina will be awash in rainbow light. Chase will likewise use his signature Fistigons a number of times.

In the first volume of the Runaways comics, the kids' discovery of what their parents truly are leads to them preparing to head out on their own to stop the Pride. For Chase, that means stopping by his dad's workshop at home and discovering all sorts of highly-advanced tech. In the comics, Chase is everything his parents aren't; a loudmouthed jock rather than a genius like his folks. Hulu's adaptation of Runaways, by comparison, looks to bring the young hero more inline with his forebears.

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At the Runaways press junket, Chase actor Gregg Sulkin was asked about the tech that he will be using in the show. For one thing, he said putting on the goggles and Fistigons made him feel more like a superhero. Then, he dropped an intriguing hint at a change to the comics that was teased in the show's full-length trailer:

"It’s so cool. Naturally, my shoulders go up and my chest goes back and then they say ‘cut’ and I’m like yeah guess I’m Greg again. But still, wearing the fistigons is incredible. And obviously, the fact that Chase created them, created his own superpower, I think is the coolest part of it."

With Sulkin doubling down by saying Chase built the Fistigons and thus his own superpower, it doesn't seem as if it was a slip of the tongue. Instead, the actor seems to be confirming something hinted at earlier this year. During the summer, Sulkin teased his character Chase would change a lot for Runaways, moving him away from the 'dumb jock' of the comics while maintaining his personality. Chase actually creating the Fistigons is certainly a big move in that direction.

While some fans may dislike the change, it's not as if Chase can't still be the same lovable character that's a bit of a hothead and also be good at building tech. We could even learn that he merely augments something that his parents have already invented. After all, Chase's father is shown wielding the Fistigons in the Runaways trailer. Whether he has his own Fistigons or steals his father's, thus inverting the source material, remains to be seen.

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Runaways premieres November 21 on Hulu.

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