Exclusive Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Clip: Ms. Marvel & Squirrel Girl Get Nuts

Ms. Marvel & Squirrel Girl in Marvel Rising Secret Warriors

Disney XD is set to premiere the feature animated film Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors at the end of September, and a new exclusive clip sees Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl put their powers into action. The animated film is the follow-up to Marvel Rising: Initiation, which came to life as a series of animated shorts over the summer. Those installments saw Spider-Gwen, or Ghost Spider, cross paths with the pair seen here, only to find out these two would-be heroes are actually pretty good at their job. This time, however, they find themselves up against an adversary who’s not going to be pulling his punches. 

The clip, like the movie itself, if fairly lighthearted and aims mostly to convey just what kind of friendship Kamala Khan and Doreen Green have, whether they’re in or out of their superhero costumes. The banter between the two is clearly the highlight of the clip, as Ms. Marvel marvels at Doreen’s willingness to shred her civilian clothes when changing into her Squirrel Girl persona. Thankfully for Doreen’s budget, she got a solid tip from a squirrel named Tippy Toe that snaps are a great way to make a dramatic entrance while keeping her clothes from being ruined. 

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The entire clip is under two minutes long, but it gives viewers a solid look at what’s in store for them at the end of the month. The kid-friendly movie is giving some underserved heroes the stage for a change, and in doing so will demonstrate Marvel Animation’s desire to appeal to a much wider audience. Check out the clip below: 

In addition to Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors welcomes Quake, Patriot, Inferno, and America Chavez to the fray, as the young, mostly inexperienced heroes are tasked with handling their biggest challenge to date, all while learning to work together. That’s going to be harder for some than it is for others, but it’s all part of what makes for a solid team-building adventure. 

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors will be an interesting test for Marvel and its fan base. By taking a more youthful, female-oriented approach, the company is appealing to a demographic that is already watching and reading its products. Now, though, it looks as though the House of Ideas has made something specifically for them. 

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Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors premieres Sunday, September 30 on Disney XD.

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