Marvel Reveals The Secrets of the Infinity Stones

In this week's Infinity Countdown #1, Marvel Comics has finally revealed just how the Infinity Stones really work.

2018 is a big year for Marvel. Marvel Studios is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the MCU and they're doing so by bringing Thanos to Earth. Avengers: Infinity War will see the Mad Titan seek out the awesome power of the Infinity Stones, eager to "rebalance the universe." Naturally, Marvel Comics has chosen to tap into all the excitement, and this week sees the launch of Infinity Countdown. Someone is seeking out the Infinity Stones, and the heroes who bear them face a terrible danger.

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Infinity Countdown #1 opens with a fascinating explanation of just how the Infinity Stones work. In its opening pages, it explores some of the Stones' greatest secrets. What's more, given Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios seem to have a stronger relationship now, it's very much possible this will affect the movies too.

It seems there's a certain synergy between the Infinity Stones. Each Infinity Stone is actually powered by an individual's mastery of another.

  • The Soul Stone is powered by the user's mastery of Reality. It can preserve the soul to allow for life after death.
  • The Mind Stone is powered by the user's mastery of Soul. It can grant telepathy, or intelligence.
  • The Power Stone is powered by the user's mastery of Mind. It can make a person more physically powerful.
  • The Space Stone is powered by the user's mastery of Power. It can allow teleportation through space.
  • The Time Stone is powered by the user's mastery of Space. It can allow a person to travel through time.
  • The Reality Stone is powered by the user's mastery of Time. It can allow a person access to the Multiverse.

The comics have long since established that Infinity Stones are drawn to one another. An individual who possesses one Infinity Stone can sense the presence of another. But it seems likely this "draw" will follow the same pattern; that the bearer of the Time Stone will be drawn to the Space Stone and to the Reality Stone, for example. In the comics, that means the various bearers of the Infinity Stones will be drawn into conflict with one another. In the movies, however, it may hint at just how powerful Thanos could become.

So far, the movies have only really shown Infinity Stones used in isolation. They've still been impressive; the Power Stone, for example, could be used to lay waste to entire planets. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange's feats with the Time Stone were remarkable. But how powerful will the Infinity Stones become when two are brought into play together? The trailer for Avengers: Infinity War certainly showed Thanos wielding both the Power Stone and the Space Stone. These two are notably linked in Infinity Countdown. The more Thanos masters the Power Stone, the more he will empowered the Space Stone. It certainly explains how the trailer showed him teleporting with such ease.

The Infinity Stones are back in play, both on the big screen and in the comics. Given Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment seem to be linking together a lot more effectively nowadays, it's very much possible this latest revelation will be important.

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You can pick up Infinity Countdown #1 at the Marvel Comicstore or at your local comic book shop.

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