Marvel Studios' TV Shows Are The Perfect Way To Bring Back James Gunn

While it's unlikely Disney will rehire James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but Marvel Studios' new MCU TV shows could provide a suitable alternative. Gunn was fired from Guardians 3 in July, sending the entire production into chaos.

It was recently revealed that Marvel Studios is going to make Scarlet Witch and Loki limited series' that will debut on Disney's streaming service. These projects will have budgets on part with the movies Marvel Studios is known for making. Part of the reason why the budgets will be so pricey is that the big screen actors, in these cases Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Hiddleston, will star. Marvel's going to want to get major talent to headline these shows, but these are just a few of the properties they are developing.

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Although the rest of Marvel's small screen plans remains a secret, there is a need for talent. Lucasfilm is using the streaming service to bring Iron Man director Jon Favreau to the galaxy far, far away to helm the first live-action Star Wars TV series. If Favreau can be courted to Star Wars, the streaming service could be how James Gunn is brought back into the MCU.

James Gunn Probably Won't Be Rehired For Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn

James Gunn was fired as the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after old tweets resurfaced; he became the center of an online outcry that demanded Disney remove him, and so they did. However, not everyone believes this was the correct decision, with even the franchise's cast voicing their support for Gunn. Disney may have even begun to show they too began thinking they acted too quickly. There were reports of a secret supporter of Gunn within the studio and reports continued to surface that pointed to a possible reinstatement. That won't be happening, as even Disney CEO Bob Iger has recently said he completely supports the decision.

His chances of being brought back for Vol. 3 are slim from a directing point of view, but he may still be involved in other ways. Marvel reportedly wants to keep Gunn's script - one that was supposed to set up decades of MCU stories - so that deal must be worked out. He could ultimately receive a writing credit and maybe even a producer credit due to his work in the developmental phases. The argument could be made that Guardians 3's delay could be for Gunn's benefit, but there's been no signs that Disney and Marvel are actively considering his reinstatement. But that doesn't mean he can't or won't return in another way.

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James Gunn Could Return For A Marvel Series

Disney's decision to fire Gunn from Guardians 3 may be a move to big to take back, but several reports note the interest by Marvel to find a way to work with him again. Initially, the thought here was that any reunion between Gunn and Marvel would be on the film side. The problem with this possible decision is, for some, there's no difference between Gunn directing the third Guardians movie or an Adam Warlock movie. Either project would still be a film, where Gunn would be a major name attached and do a massive press tour. However, Marvel Studios' new venture to TV opens up a brand new opportunity.

These new Marvel Studios TV series will be huge with budgets rivaling that of Marvel's giant tentpoles. Since some of the shows will be sold on the stars that are leading them, these could be the perfect place for Gunn to work with Marvel again, serving as the showrunner for an entire series. He could help write the six to eight episodes, produce them, and maybe even direct the pilot or the finale. Showrunners are vital to the success of a show, but they aren't traditionally as big of a conversation point as the director of a major Hollywood blockbuster. Gunn could slide back into the MCU with one of these properties but do it in a quieter fashion, allowing for any backlash to go by as the series develops, before he'd eventually have to start promoting.

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