Marvel Is 'Pushing the Envelope' With Inhumans IMAX Release

Marvel's Inhumans

By theatrically screening the first two episodes of Inhumans in IMAX, Marvel is "pushing the envelope," according to star Henry Ian Cusick. For fans of genre television, Cusick needs no introduction. He was, after all, the answer to one of the most talked-about cliffhangers in television history. After his turn as Desmond Hume on Lost, the actor enjoyed a number of memorable roles across film and television, including The CW's cult hit The 100. Now, Cusick is gearing up for a major part as Dr. Evan Declan in Marvel's newest television offering, and he thinks what the studio is doing to kick off its premiere is unheard of.

Screen Rant spoke with Cusick recently about Inhumans, Lost, and his new social media venture, JamBios. The latter is, as Cusick tells it, a new kind of social media platform that "enables others to contribute memories of shared past experiences. We're sort of pitching it as the anti-Snapchat, where everything is gone very quickly," he says. "But JamBios is a way to reflect on sort of more meaningful topics and to keep them in one place."

Cusick's other big venture in 2017, Marvel's Inhumans, is also aiming to make a splash by doing things a bit differently. The decision to film and exhibit the first two episodes in IMAX was certainly appealing to the actor, and it's one that he thinks means sets some pretty high expectations for ABC's newest MCU undertaking. Cusick said:

Inhumans Henry Ian Cusick

"I'll say that when I heard those first two episodes were going to be released in IMAX I though, "It's unheard of. Who does that?" So my interest was immediately piqued. I thought nobody does that that's a brand new thing. Is this going to be a new way of releasing a show? So, it's an experiment that I'm very excited and curious to see how it's going to pan out. Not just cinema but IMAX. That's a huge screen, so it better be good, you know? By all reports it's going to be. It's all been favorable. I'm excited to see how this is going to pan out. I think this is really pushing the envelope a bit."

The super-sized format has increasingly become an option for big-budget blockbusters to get audiences into movie theaters, and to demonstrate the scale of their story – comic book-inspired or not. For Marvel to utilize IMAX in its promotion of a television miniseries is an interesting way to generate buzz for a property that's populated by characters not widely known to the non-comic-reading public, like Black Bolt, Medusa, and a giant teleporting dog with a tuning fork on his head.

In other words, pushing the envelope with a theatrical premiere in IMAX before heading to television might be the best way for Marvel's Inhumans to make an impression on audiences.

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Marvel's Inhumans premieres in IMAX on September 1, and on ABC September 29.

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