Here's What It Looks Like to Be Deadpool In VR

Marvel and Oculus are giving fans the chance to not just play as Deadpool, but to be the Merc with the Mouth in virtual reality. He'll be making an appearance in MARVEL Powers United VR. This won't be the first time that players have taken on the red and black costume, as Wade Wilson headlined his own game back in 2013. He's been playable in other franchises too, like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, LEGO Marvel Superheroes and Marvel Contest of Champions. And now he's venturing into VR territory.

VR is fast becoming a tool for an immersive experience. And in the superhero genre, it could add that extra layer of reality. It allows the players to really dive into the worlds of their favourite characters and heroes. With Deadpool, it means handing the players his katanas and his pistols before throwing them headfirst into the action.

Marvel Powers United VR is a co-op multiplayer game, placing players in the control of Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Hulk and Rocket Raccoon - which is certainly an interesting combination given that three out of four characters are impulsive and wild. Visitors to San Diego Comic-Con will get the chance to try their hand at being the Merc with the Mouth. The first footage of the game (via UploadVR) shows off the combat and general look of the game, and it's surprisingly slick. The video shows off the team as they venture into The Collector's museum, fighting off a large number of enemies as they progress through it. Whilst it doesn't show us Deadpool's warped view of reality, he does have a great running commentary throughout.

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Oculus have also mentioned that players will initially be fighting against Ronan the Accuser, which is where Captain Marvel will likely come in. But more importantly, the inclusion of the Inhumans' giant dog, Lockjaw helping the team could tease what's ahead. Could we see more of the Inhumans in future updates or DLC for the game? We've already seen DC's offering with Batman Arkham VR and it looks like the platform might be the new trend for the superhero genre in gaming. Oculus also teased what we can expect from the game:

Ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel and Oculus have announced that Deadpool is the latest character to be included in the expanding roster of playable heroes within MARVEL Powers United VR! This co-op multiplayer title puts up to four players in control of their favorite Marvel heroes as they fight together to take out infamous Marvel villains, complete missions, and compete for high scores. San Diego Comic Con attendees will get the chance to try out MARVEL Powers United VR and play as Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Hulk, and Rocket Raccoon during the show (July 19-23).

Deadpool is a particularly great character to choose for the team. Since Deadpool doesn't exactly have a firm grip on reality, it gives the developers plenty to play with.  Including the Merc with the Mouth is definitely a smart move after the riotous success of the Deadpool film and it adds to the publicity of the sequel currently in production.

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Source: UploadVR

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