Marvel's Power Pack Movie Reportedly Back in Development

Marvel Studios may have brought back an old project to try and find future films, with a Power Pack movie said to be back in development.

Power Pack in the comics

Marvel Studios is reportedly revisiting the idea of a Power Pack movie, with one report saying it is back in development. Back before Iron Man kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios needed to lay out a potential lineup of films. While they made good on quite a few of those projects (like Captain America and The Avengers), there were many that never wound up hitting theaters. Some of these (like Runaways) have moved to television now, but there's also a few that appeared to no longer be in consideration for a feature film.

One of these projects was Power Pack, slated to be one of the projects Marvel Studios initially was developing. Since that point however, things have gone quiet on what future (if any) the young group of heroes had. Now, it appears they are getting a second chance.

That Hashtag Show is reporting that they've been told Marvel is revisiting the idea of Power Pack. While they caution it is still early noting the film doesn't have a release date and has yet to even be green lit, there is reason for optimism. They've been told that producer Jonathan Schwartz has been given "executive oversight" on Power Pack. Schwartz is one of Marvel's most veteran producers and has credits on several Phase 1 films, as well as both Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Julie Power from Power Pack in Avengers Academy

The Power Pack is a group of four siblings, each with their own set of abilities. They could even be the MCU's young Fantastic Four in a way while the studio waits to get those characters back. That said, the siblings are named Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power and are granted their superpowers from a dying alien. As for their power sets, Alex has gravity controlling abilities; Julie can fly and teleport; Jack can control the density of his molecules; and Katie can project "power balls" of energy from her chest. While each have different powers, they all wear Power Pack uniforms that appear on command.

While we caution fans of the property to not get too excited from this development as it could still result in the team not getting a film, but it is the first sign of where Marvel Studios is considering to go in Phase 4 and beyond. After Thanos, refocusing the universe on younger heroes could be a great way to go and surprisingly make young Peter Parker a veteran hero in the world. Should the project start to move forward more seriously, word of a writer joining the project could be the next domino to fall. Marvel will make the announcement they are good and ready, but should things go smoothly, this could be one of the first new franchises to come out after Phase 3.

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Power Pack is reportedly being developed but does not have a release date.

Source: That Hashtag Show

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