However, Phase Three isn’t expected to just introduce new characters into the fold of the MCU, given that both Iron Man 4 (whether or not you feel it’s necessary) or another solo Hulk movie have been raised as possibilities. The latter, in particular, is a project that Feige’s spoken about recently; though, like Avengers director Joss Whedon, he denies it will take the form of a Planet Hulk movie.

Here is what Feige told EW (part of which we’ve reported in the past):

“What we’re excited about exploring and expanding is Mark [Ruffalo as Bruce Banner] — and Banner’s not in Planet Hulk at all. The fun of the Hulk is his interaction with humans. Mark could stand in his own movie. … We’re talking about it. We’re excited to sit down and go, ‘What is a stand-alone Hulk movie?’”

Ruffalo’s battle-weary take on the Banner character is generally regarded to be one of the highlights in The Avengers, but the mixed critical and box office track record for past standalone Hulk movies makes another one a risk (and explains why Guillermo del Toro’s proposed Incredible Hulk TV show is currently stuck spinning its wheels). Nonetheless, a Ruffalo-headlined Hulk flick could – emphasis on could – be included in Phase Three.

Ghost Rider Kevin Feige Talks Possible Movies for Marvels Phase Three

On the subject of which Marvel superheroes will not be returning to the big screen anytime soon:

“So Punisher, Ghost Rider, … Blade, all those characters are back. They all have potential, but I think we need to find the right time. We’re not going to say, we got it back — make it.”

Marvel has regained the screen rights to the above characters (in addition to Daredevil), but – as our Rob Keyes discussed on the Screen Rant Underground Podcast (and our Hannah Shaw-Williams explained in her breakdown of the situation) – the studio can only produce so many films a year.

So, those of you hoping that Marvel will do right by them, after the previous lackluster movie adaptations (or third film, in the case of Blade), well… don’t hold you breath for that to happen in Phase Three (or Phase Four, for that matter).

Inhumans Movie News 570x356 Kevin Feige Talks Possible Movies for Marvels Phase Three

Lastly, there’s one comic book property that Feige has remained confident (nay, excited) about – where it concerns its Phase Three prospects – and that is Inhumans. That superhero series is something that’s been discussed for a while, going back to pre-Avengers speculation about how Marvel will continue to branch out into the cosmic realms of the MCU in both Phase Two and Three.

We now know that to be true, since both this fall’s Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy will open up the possibilities for niche sci-fi/fantasy properties; that includes, an onscreen appearance by the alien protagonists from Inhumans.

Here is what Feige told EW, about that potential Phase Three addition:

“Inhumans is cool, they’re really great characters. The most powerful guy is the king who doesn’t say a word and if he does — lookout. That’s awesome. And the notion of the Terrigen Mists, this notion that you go through and don’t know what you’re going to be on the other side, is incredibly compelling dramatically.”

“In other words, all the craziness that comes with Inhumans, we’ve done in the other movies already. But this would have some of the social drama that we haven’t really done yet. [Fox’s] X-Men, obviously, has been touching on that stuff for a while.”

Iron Man 3 is currently in theaters, Thor: The Dark World arrives on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015, and Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015.

What movies do YOU want to see in Marvel’s Phase Three? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.

Source: EW

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