Marvel Has Just Won Its First Oscars Thanks To Black Panther

Marvel Studios has won their first Oscars for Black Panther's costume and production design. The studio's first movie to be led by a person of color has truly been a game changer. The film received rave critical reviews and propelled it to become a billion dollar earner at the box office. While the success is unquestioned, Black Panther remained in the conversation thanks to being positioned as an awards contender.

The Ryan Coogler directed film received multiple nominations by the Academy Awards earlier this year (including Best Picture), and this followed plenty of attention through various award ceremonies. The movie won the Best Ensemble SAG, which is normally a great sign for a film's chances at the Oscars. However, the best chance Black Panther appeared to have for taking home a golden statue came in some of the more technical categories, which is where it picked up most of its seven nominations.

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Black Panther has officially been named the winner of Best Costume Design by the Academy for Ruth E. Carter's work on the film. Making the win all the more monumental, Carter is first black woman to have ever won the category. In addition to Costume Design, Hannah Beachler and Jay Hart won the Best Production Design Oscar. These wins are massive for Marvel Studios as it gives them their first Oscar wins in their history. Ludwig Göransson has also won Best Original Score for Black Panther.

The awards for Black Panther are undoubtedly deserved, as the costumes and production design are some of the many aspects to the film that helped set it apart. The combination of Carter and Beachler's work helped establish the look and feel of Wakanda and the movie overall, with both bringing the afro-futurism vibe to the film that Coogler was going for. It was their work in the design of the buildings and the intricate details of the costumes that made Wakanda look immaculate. And for Göransson's part, the sound of Black Panther was also instrumental in defining the tone and energy.

As important as Black Panther's individual wins are, they also mark the first time that Marvel Studios has won an Oscar in their ten years of making films. They have received several nominations in the past, but most of them were for VFX - and they never won. They could still take home this award if Avengers: Infinity War wins the during tonight's ceremony though. But for the time being, it is Black Panther's back-to-back victories that give one of Hollywood's biggest and successful studios the recognition by the Academy.

These wins will only further cement Black Panther's place in history, whether it is in regards to the larger history of Hollywood or its place with Marvel Studios. Of course, it also just makes the bar that much higher for Coogler and the rest of the crew (should they return) on Black Panther 2.

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