Marvel News: Iron Man 2 Trailer, Wolverine 2 Script & More! [Updated]

There's a lot happening in the film industry for the comic book movie genre and a lot of that is coming from the Marvel-based material. We've gathered a bunch of news items from today and over the last week to share with you in this Marvel news round-up.

In this report, we'll talk about the brand new Iron Man 2 trailer debuting this Sunday, the status of the Wolverine 2 script, Kat Dennings' character in Thor and an actor's tweets about an upcoming Marvel movie.

New Iron Man 2 Trailer Coming Sunday

[Update: The New Iron Man 2 Trailer is here!]

The 82nd Academy Awards takes place this Sunday, March 7th and we'll be live-blogging it here at Screen Rant.  It's scheduled to end at 11:30pm but as we know, it always runs late. With the changes in the schedule, cutting out of the best song performances and long "thank you" speeches however, it could run on schedule this year.

What matters most to Iron Man fans is what happens after with Jimmy Kimmel Live. Robert Downey Jr. will be a guest and he'll be bringing a brand new Iron Man 2 trailer, something to stay up late for!

Source: JoBlo

Wolverine 2 Script Draft Complete

Oscar-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie has finished his script for Wolverine 2 and from what's being reported, it's much different than X-Men Origins: Wolverine and different than what was "originally thought" according to THR. We know that it'll follow Wolverine's adventures in Japan and it will be a love story.

Source: Showbiz 411 (via IESB)

Kat Dennings Talks Thor

Matt Goldberg at Collider had a chance to interview Kat Dennings  for her role in Defendor alongside Woody Harrelson and in their chat, they discussed Marvel Studios' production of Thor for which she has an unfamiliar role to those who read the comics.

Here's the snippet from their interview:

Have you sort of…is your character in the comics?

Dennings:   No. She’s not. She’s a new invention. Yeah.

Okay. I believe I read, and correct me if I’m wrong, that your character is a friend of Natalie Portman’s character?

Dennings:   Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know how much I can say.

Okay. Are you actually a god in the film?

Dennings:   I can’t tell you…

Can’t tell me? Can’t tell me anything? Okay.

Dennings:   No, I can’t tell you.

That's an interesting point about being a god since we're still curious about how in the film they will explain the realm/world of Asgard and how the characters go from there to our Earth. Natalie Portman plays Jane Foster, a nurse who works for Thor's alter ego, Dr. Donald Blake.

Source: Collider

The Twitter Report

The world's new form of mass communication and news dissemination, Twitter, has some of the actors and potential actors of upcoming Marvel movies to keep us informed. Let's take a look at what Jaime Alexander (@JaimieGirlXO), who plays Sif in Thor talked about the movie last week:

"working hard on a Saturday :) photo shoot for THOR :) woop :)"

"It's been an AMAZING shoot so far. Kenneth Branagh is beyond MARVELous ;) hehehe"

"RT everyone.... I am not allowed to post any pictures of "THOR" :( sorry xo"

"is off to train....must get even more fit before heading off to Santa Fe !!!"

I wonder if Jaime's tweets about the photo shoot mean we may finally get to see the characters in costume sometime in the near future? There's not been one leak from the set and they've done a fantastic job so far of keeping things underwraps.

That's it for this Marvel round-up, come back soon for more!

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