Marvel’s New Warriors Writer's Room Starts Work

Marvel New Warriors Comic TV Series

New Warriors writer and potential showrunner Kevin Biegel takes to Twitter to announce that work has officially started on the series. Earlier this month, Squirrel Girl fans got some incredible news - the Unbeatable Doreen Green will be heading up her own TV series: New Warriors. The series, about the same-named group of young Marvel heroes, is going to be a more teen/young adult approach to the superhero genre for TV, with the stars balancing their life's "firsts" (first jobs, first loves) with their attempts to become superheroes.

Since the show was announced, the news has come in fast, with plenty of speculation over who could play Squirrel Girl (Anna Kendrick and Shannon Purser have both said they would love the role) and the other New Warriors. In addition, Marvel has announced Kevin Biegel as writer, and it looks like the Cougar Town co-creator is also set to executive produce and act as showrunner for the series. This is certainly backed up by his latest tweets, which announced the official start of work on the series.

Biegel posted three tweets on April 10th to announce that work has started on New Warriors, although they do not reveal anything new about the series. First, Biegel tweeted a photo of a Rockstar Energy mini-fridge. Next, he tweeted a selfie in front of a Marvel banner. Finally, Biegel tweeted a picture of a BBQ restaurant during a staff lunch. Take a look:

Heck yeah, first thing installed in the #newwarriors writers room. After a few cans, dirt bike bonding sesh.

— kevinbiegel (@kbiegel) April 10, 2017

Hello 14 year old me, guess what you get to do when you grow up?"

— kevinbiegel (@kbiegel) April 10, 2017

Day 1 staff lunch, #newwarriors

— kevinbiegel (@kbiegel) April 10, 2017

The tweets certainly show Biegel's energy and enthusiasm for this latest project. It's also great to see a show go from the initial announcement to work getting started so quickly, which is a promising sign for a quick turn-around and the series making it onto screens sooner rather than later. Of course, this is just the first step in bringing the New Warriors to life, with the casting still to be confirmed, as well as the rest of the writers room and behind-the-scenes creative team.

Biegel didn't reveal anyone else who is in the office with him, much to the disappointment of many who would love to see who else will be working with him on the project. However, these are details that are sure to be released soon, especially given the speed with which the series seems to be moving.

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We will bring you more information on New Warriors as it becomes available.

Source: Kevin Biegel

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