Marvel's New Warriors Adds Keith David in Recurring Role

Keith David

Marvel and Freeform have named Keith David the newest cast member of New Warriors. While Marvel and Freeform are currently working on their first project together (Cloak & Dagger), they're also working on a second series hoping to target a different audience. Whereas Cloak & Dagger is taking Marvel TV into teen romance, New Warriors is set to be Marvel's first true comedy. The series is set to consist of 30 minute episodes, focused on the latest group of superheroes in the MCU - but they aren't quite like the Avengers.

New Warriors will be Marvel's chance to capitalize on Squirrel Girl's popularity and have cast Milana Vayntrub in that role. With the rest of the super-team already cast as well, the focus has turned to finding their supporting cast - and Keith David looks to be the first addition.

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Marvel confirmed that long-time and versatile actor Keith David has joined New Warriors in a recurring role. He's set to play an original character for the show named Ernest Vigman and is described as "a caustic municipal employee who butts up against the hopeful energy of the new warriors." Throughout David's career, he's already gone into the superhero realm a few times, voicing Solovar on The Flash in season 3, Nick Fury in The Marvel Experience and Marvel Heroes, and Mongul in Young Justice. But his best connection to New Warriors comes from his time on Enlisted, a Fox TV series created by New Warriors showrunner Kevin Biegel.

New Warriors showrunner Kevin Biegel with Keith David on set of Enlisted.

David has shown his comedic chops time and time again and should fit in quite well with the cast assembled so far. Outside of Vayntrub, the cast also consists of Derek Theler (Mister Immortal), Jeremy Taylor (Night Thrasher), Calum Worthy (Speedball), Kate Comer (Debrii), and Matthew Moy (Microbe). With David set to be an authoritative figure in the city the New Warriors call home, he should be just the first of many supporting cast members.

Still, the addition of David does not reveal too much new information about the show overall. It is still largely unknown what exactly the story of the first season will be, only that these characters are far from being true heroes. With David playing a city employee that doesn't work well with the young powered heroes, one of the other supporting roles could be for a fellow employee that works in tandem with the team. If not, the uneasy relationship Vigman may have to form with the New Warriors to save his city could be a fun dynamic for the show to explore.

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New Warriors is expected to premiere on Freeform next year.

Source: Marvel

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