Marvel’s New Warriors Cast Campaign For Show To Fill Roseanne Slot On ABC

New Warriors

The cast of New Warriors is campaigning to take Roseanne's old slot in ABC's schedule. A major change came the way of ABC yesterday thanks to the Twitter activity of the star of Roseanne. Following her racist remarks, ABC cancelled the show altogether - despite the incredible ratings it was receiving - after previously ordering another season. The move comes after the Disney owned network already set its lineup for the fall, as well as the winter and even into the summer. While the majority of people agree ABC made the right call, it does leave a prime slot in the fall that needs to be filled.

Upon Roseanne's return, it took the 8 pm EST slot on Tuesday nights. This is one of network television's biggest slots, meaning whatever comes next needs to be big. The difficulty in choosing a replacement program comes with the timing of this decision as the new show loses valuable production time with every passing day. However, the cast of Marvel's first comedy show think they're the perfect answer.

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Since Roseanne was cancelled, many have called for ABC to pick up New Warriors. Some of the show's cast members are even partaking in the campaign. This comes after Merrill Barr revealed all ten scripts for the series are already done (since it was originally ordered to series at Freeform), which would allow for the series to begin production immediately. The readiness of the show isn't the only reason why it could be under consideration, as the cast is quick to point out the diversity behind the next Marvel super team.

There's yet to be any formal reports that ABC is even considering picking up New Warriors, but it may be the best bet out there. As Barr points out, there's been incredible buzz about the pilot for New Warriors (which is already filmed), so much so that Freeform's inability to fit it into their 2018 lineup is why the project began looking for a new home. If Disney and Marvel still want a 2018 debut for New Warriors, ABC could fill their superhero void now left with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. delayed till summer 2019.

The reason behind Roseanne's cancellation alone could give New Warriors a better chance. The stars of the show aren't shying away from the fact that it features Milana Vayntrub as the leading role of Squirrel Girl, along with two African American leads and a Chinese lead. Diversity isn't the only thing New Warriors has going for it either. It has the aforementioned draw of a Marvel property, but it also would be a change to the rest of superhero content on TV with its 30 minute docu-comedy approach. This is just the beginning of a campaign right now though, so stay tuned for any further news on New Warriors and the possibility of it finding a home at ABC.

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