Marvel Promises New Thor 3 Content Every Day For 'HelaWeen'

Marvel Studios has kicked off October with the announcement of "HelaWeen," where the studio will celebrate every day this month with a new piece of Thor: Ragnarok content. Marvel is finally in the homestretch as it counts down the final month to the release of Thor: Ragnarok, the hotly-anticipated third solo movie featuring the God of Thunder.

Directed by Taika Waiti, the film is sure to do booming business at the box office, thanks, of course, to Chris Hemsworth's return as Thor; but also because of the introduction of Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett's introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Hela, the Goddess of Death.

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Right from the film's wild teaser trailer that debuted in April, it became pretty clear that Hela's presence is going to loom large over Thor: Ragnarok, first as she effortlessly crushes Thor's mjolnir in her hand, then as she lays waste to Asgaard. Now, in an incidental play on words, Marvel is going to celebrate Halloween throughout the month of October with the "31 Days of HelaWeen," where the studio promised in a tweet Sunday that the studio will post a new piece of Thor: Ragnarok content every day. See the tweet below:

31 Days of #HelaWeen starts… NOW! Follow along each day for a new piece of #ThorRagnarok content! Who’s ready? ?

— Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios) October 1, 2017

It's hard to say that this month-long event was planned back when Disney and Marvel Studios staked out the film's November 3 release date, but "HelaWeen" sure feels appropriate given the amount of villainy she's expected to bring to Thor: Ragnarok. Hela was as heavily featured in the film's San Diego Comic-Con trailer as she was in the teaser, and is getting as much focus as Thor in the film's marketing push, from the film's posters and The Art of Thor: Ragnarok companion book to the Marvel Legends and Funko POPS! action figures of the character.

As for what exactly fans can expect from the daily "HelaWeen" content remains unclear. Through social media, fans can expect all things related to the event to be accompanied with a hashtag #HelaWeen in conjunction with it. The next question to be answered is whether the daily content will concentrate solely on Hela or will feature other characters from the film. Given the film's huge ensemble cast, its reasonable to presume that the promotion will concentrate on the film as a whole rather than its main villain.

To kick things off, anyway, the content for the first day is a trippy, poster-like graphic of Hela with her horned headdress. And while the image is cool, with any luck fans will be treated to more than just new images throughout the month, and start getting more featurettes, TV spots, and clips as the film nears its release.

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Source: Marvel Studios

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