Marvel's The Punisher Netflix Series Gets an Official Logo

The official logo for Marvel and Netflix's The Punisher solo series has finally arrived, and very few Marvel comic book movie actors have been on the receiving end of quite as much critical acclaim for their performances as Jon Bernthal was for his memorable debut turn as Frank Castle/The Punisher last year. Introduced in the second season of Daredevil, the character was given the freedom to be as ruthless and brutal as fans have always wanted him to be, after Marvel had already gone out of their way to establish their Netflix series as being considerably darker than a majority of other comic book adaptations out there right now. And because of that, Bernthal was able to bring to life a version of Frank Castle that many fans had been waiting their whole lives to see.

The hype surrounding Bernthal's performance as the character was palpable well before the second season of Daredevil had even premiered, with rumors of a Punisher spin-off being in the works arriving several months before fans had even seen any footage of Bernthal as Castle. It didn't come as much of a surprise then when Marvel and Netflix announced The Punisher solo series last year, just a little over a month after Bernthal made his critically-acclaimed turn as the character in Daredevil season two.

While news from The Punisher has been fairly light ever since it began filming several months ago, the character and series are expected to have some kind of a presence at this week's San Diego Comic-Con. Marvel's Punisher Twitter account has now unveiled the official logo for The Punisher online, likely in anticipation of more announcements to come over the next few days. Check out the logo for yourself, down below:

One batch, two batch.

— The Punisher (@ThePunisher) July 19, 2017

With The Punisher solo show currently set to be the third series that Marvel and Netflix release together this year - following the first season of Iron Fist back in March and The Defenders next month - there will undoubtedly be some announcements made about The Punisher during Marvel's TV presentation at SDCC this week. Whether that comes in the form of a first trailer/small footage reel for the series, the reveal of an official premiere date, or both, will have to wait to be seen.

In the meantime, it has been rumored that Bernthal could be making an appearance in The Defenders at some point, though, no official confirmation has been made by Marvel or Netflix yet. But with both series set to be included in the Marvel TV presentation, it's entirely possible a confirmation or announcement of Bernthal's involvement could come later this week. Either way, it feels safe to say that Bernthal's presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already widely felt by fans, and the next few months only promise to further cement his status as one of the MCU's most memorable vigilantes to date.

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The Punisher season 1 arrives on Netflix sometime this fall.

Source: Marvel/Netflix

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