Daredevil: 12 Unanswered Questions From Season 2

Daredevil with red eyes in Marvel Netflix Daredevil season 2

Season two of Daredevil has been out on Netflix for several weeks now, and while we know there are still plenty of you out there who still haven’t gotten around to finishing every episode just yet, those of us who spent that first weekend glued to our couches, wearing nothing but our underwear while eating Hot Pockets and binge-watching the much anticipated second season, are dying to talk about it.

A lot of awesome stuff went down during season 2, but once the last bad guy was brought to justice and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen hung up his red leather pants for another season, there were still plenty of questions left unanswered. So we at Screen Rant decided it was about time to take a look back at what this season of Daredevil had to offer, and ask those lingering questions that were left unanswered in the wake of The Punisher and Elektra’s debut into Marvel’s episodic universe.

WARNING: Beyond here you will find SPOILERS. Lots and lots of spoilers. Don’t scroll down any further if you haven’t finished season 2 of Daredevil.

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Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) confronts William Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) in Rikers prison in Marvel Netflix Daredevil season 2.
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12 Has Fisk Figured out Matt Murdock Is Daredevil?

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) confronts William Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) in Rikers prison in Marvel Netflix Daredevil season 2.

After the first few episodes of Daredevil season 2, one could be forgiven for believing the entire season would simply revolve around Daredevil, Punisher, and Elektra. Wilson Fisk, the big bad from season 1, seemed to be taking a bit of a sabbatical from the series, as the character spent some time in the big house. But just when you thought you’d have to wait until season 3 to see what good ol’ Fisk has been up to, he makes his presence felt as the reason behind Punisher’s odd behavior while on the stand at his murder trial, and Wilson proceeds to be just as compelling a character as he was in the first season.

Prison definitely isn’t holding Fisk down in the second season. In fact, it’s behind bars where Fisk picks up his well known comic book moniker of “Kingpin.” It’s yet another defining moment for the character and sets up a confrontation between Matt and Fisk a few episodes later.

While visiting Fisk in prison under the guise of an everyday lawyer, Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk have a bit of a physical altercation after trading verbal jabs, and it’s here that the show teases a possible light going off in Fisk’s head. Fisk asks for all the files they have on Matt Murdock, and the viewer is left to speculate if Fisk has figured out who the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is, or if he’s simply looking for another way to twist Murdock into doing his bidding.

This question sets up plenty of intriguing possibilities for (the still in question) season 3, as viewers will likely be teased a bit as to whether or not Fisk knows Matt’s identity as Daredevil. If he has indeed figured it out, such knowledge could be put to good use by the man now known as The Kingpin.

11 Does Vanessa still have a part to play?

At the end of season 1, Daredevil apprehends Wilson Fisk as he attempts to make his escape from the authorities, leaving Fisk’s new fiance Vanessa alone on a helipad, wondering what's taking her lover so long. When word arrives that Wilson has been apprehended, Vanessa boards the helicopter bound for a safe location out of the country.

Before she boards the helicopter however, there’s a moment where Vanessa hesitates, touching the rather expensive ring on her finger, and seems to have a moment where her character comes to a very important decision. She doesn’t appear to shun Wilson and his evil ways, and the moment plays in such a way that it almost seemed we would see her step up and run her fiance’s criminal empire until he found a way out of prison.

It could have been a truly unique spin on the “Kingpin” story had she become the big boss in season 2, filling in for Wilson, especially if she had been the first to adopt that “Kingpin” moniker we know so well, seeing as how Fisk hadn’t officially been dubbed The Kingpin up to that point. The hardcore fans may have cried foul, but we all know TV shows and movies love adding in a surprise twist to the stories we've come to love.

In season 2, Vanessa is only mentioned in dialogue. If her character were intended for more it would have made sense to take the next step with her in season 2, but now we’re left to wonder if she’ll simply be a character others reference from time to time, or if she will be making a triumphant return to the main stage at some point leading up to Fisk’s inevitable escape/release from prison.

10 What troubles Karen so much about her past?

Mitchell Ellison (Geoffrey Cantor) helps Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) sort through New York Bulletin back issues in search of Punisher from Marvel Netflix Daredevil season 2

Karen Page has been struggling with her inner demons through both seasons of Daredevil, an inner turmoil the viewer was first led to believe simply involved her shooting and killing Wilson Fisk’s assistant, Wesley, and the other brushes with death she encountered in season one.

Throughout season two, it was becoming apparent that there was more to Karen’s turmoil than just the traumatic events that have occurred on screen. During the final episode of season 2 Karen flips through a file reporter Ben Urich put together on her, and in it we see a newspaper clip about an accident involving Karen’s brother. When she sees the clipping she immediately looks at her new boss and asks if he’s seen the file. Ellison responds that he has, and that Ben didn’t care and neither does he.

It’s pretty obvious that Karen feels a large amount of guilt over her brother’s death, but exactly what her part in the accident was still a mystery. Was Karen driving the car, was she responsible in some other way, or is she simply feeling intense anguish over a loss that in reality she couldn't have prevented?

Those answers seem to be tucked away in season 3, so for now we’ll just have to keep guessing.

9 What exactly is Black Sky?

Elodie Yung as Elektra in Daredevil Season 2

If we’ve learned anything during the first two seasons of Daredevil, it’s that Black Sky is very dangerous, and Stick was willing to kill a child to keep The Hand from possessing the ominous sounding weapon. We’ve been told that Black Sky is extremely rare and exceptionally deadly. It's stated after the child is killed that there is another Black Sky in existence, and as we find out in season 2, Elektra is actually another Black Sky.

Despite all of this doomsday talk, we still know next to nothing about exactly what a Black Sky is and what makes one so dangerous. Is it simply a deadly assassin with phenomenal physical skills? Is it an all-powerful being possessing powers beyond our puny human imaginations? Is it a flying unicorn that shoots rainbows out its horn as it rockets across the sky? We simply don’t know at this point.

There’s plenty of fan speculation to be had regarding what a Black Sky actually is, and one of the more pervasive theories out there right now seems to be that a Black Sky is a human capable of serving as a vessel for some dark demon summoned by The Hand. That would certainly fit with the sarcophagus Elektra was placed inside during the final episode of season 2. You know, the one that had been fed with the blood of victims who wound up turning into some kind of willing blood-sacrificing zombies.

At this point we would typically turn to the vast history of Marvel Comics to gather some idea of what a Black Sky might be capable of, but it seems this particular threat is a creation of the show itself, so whatever secrets lie behind the power of a Black Sky will remain hidden from us until the series is ready to bring them to the forefront. Whatever a Black Sky is, it sounds like it will be epic. After two years of teasing, it better be.

8 What is up with that giant hole in the ground?

The Hole of the Hand in Daredevil Season Two

While we’re on the subject of weird stuff The Hand is up to, let’s talk about that gargantuan hole they dug inside an abandoned warehouse. Daredevil and Elektra discovered this deep, dark cavern while infiltrating a building The Hand was (poorly) guarding, and when Daredevil dropped an object into the hole to see just how deep it went, it was quite a while before his enhanced hearing heard it hit the bottom.

We know that The Hand is utilizing the sewer system to move around New York City, but a hole of this magnitude seems like a bit of overkill simply to access the sewers, and if this huge opening in the earth was indeed their main access to the underground tunnels, it would make more sense for the warehouse containing said hole to be more of a central hub for Hand activities and less of a building patrolled by a handful of inept guards.

If you subscribe to the theory from the previous entry on this list that a Black Sky is a vessel for demons, then this enormous hole in the ground could very well prove to be a highway straight to Hell. Either that or The Hand simply enjoys digging large holes. Who doesn't, right?

Whatever its purpose, it would certainly appear that the hole is tied somehow to what The Hand has been planning for the Black Sky, and that can’t be good for anybody. Much like the Black Sky itself, we’re still in the dark as to what this hole’s actual purpose is.

7 What is Foggy’s future at the law firm of Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz?

DAREDEVIL - foggy and matt

For now, it looks like the law firm of Nelson and Murdock is no more, and Matt Murdock’s pal Foggy Nelson was last seen talking with Jeri Hogarth, the no-nonsense lawyer from Netflix’s other Marvel series Jessica Jones.

We’ve already been told the story of Foggy and Matt breaking up and getting back together at the last minute several times over the past two seasons of Daredevil, so it would make sense for the two to actually part ways this time, even if it’s just for a while. There’s only so many times the writers can recreate that dynamic between the two buddies before it becomes repetitive and boring. It wouldn’t be too shocking to see Nelson and Murdock reformed at some point, but for right now, Foggy moving over to Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz could be a key cog in the future storytelling within all of Netflix’s current and upcoming Marvel shows. In fact, this job could position Foggy as the component that brings The Defenders together at some point.

If Foggy is working closely with Jeri Hogarth, it’s only a matter of time before he’s introduced to Jessica Jones herself, and through her, likely Luke Cage as well. Once he finds out that they have “abilities” (and let’s face it, nobody seems to be able to keep a secret identity very secret when it comes to superhero shows), it could leave him in a position to set up a meeting between Jones, Cage, and Daredevil.

With Cage getting his own series soon and the Iron Fist series still upcoming, we’ll have to wait and see how exactly The Defenders actually form, but with Foggy serving as a potential crossover point between at least a few of the heroes, his working for the bigger law firm could prove to be a prime catalyst for the future of Marvel on Netflix.

6 Was Colonel Schoonover really Blacksmith?

The Blacksmith in Daredevil

To some, it may have been an open and shut case. Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, was hunting down a man known only as “The Blacksmith” — the head of a massive drug operation in Hell’s Kitchen and the person responsible for the massacre in which the Punisher's family was killed. Castle’s hunt ended up leading him to a former war buddy who testified on Frank’s behalf when he was on trial for murder. It didn’t take long for The Punisher to do what The Punisher does, and Schoonover is now dead.

But wait, it may not be as simple as it all sounds. See, as much as it was implied that Schoonover was the man known as The Blacksmith, it was never confirmed, and the Colonel never admitted to going by that moniker. It’s, of course, possible that this was simply an oversight on the part of the writers to clarify for certain that The Blacksmith has been taken care of, but it’s also entirely possible that this drug ring goes much higher than the Colonel. If the Blacksmith is still out there, the mystery of who he or she actually is remains, and Marvel is free to introduce another character with a built-in storyline to the series. It’s also possible, as we’ve seen many times over the years in comics, that the mantle of “The Blacksmith” is a title that can change hands, and if Schoonover really was The Blacksmith for a spell, another person could now be free to take over and use the name.

It all seems still up in the air given that is was never explicitly stated that The Blacksmith was dead, and it could be a small assumption on the part of viewers that leads to a bigger reveal down the road.

5 Will Melvin Potter become Gladiator?

Daredevil Gladiator

Fans of Marvel Comics are already aware that the man who tailored the suits for Wilson Fisk in season one — and created the Daredevil costume Matt Murdock now wears — has an alternate supervillain identity. Melvin Potter is also known as Gladiator in the comics, a fact the Netflix series has teased us with several times.

You can check out the image above to see what Melvin looks like in his comic book Gladiator outfit, and those who are only familiar with the Netflix series should take note of the saw blades on his wrists, an item Melvin has been seen holding, and even throwing, as a weapon over the past two seasons.

Now this could all simply be the series creators’ way of tipping their cap to comic fans, or it could just be a matter of time before Melvin goes full rogue. There’s already a built-in story in the Netflix series as to why Melvin would turn on Daredevil. Melvin only agrees to make the suit for Daredevil after The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen agrees to keep someone named Betsy safe. In the comics, Betsy Beatty is a social worker who helps Melvin end his life of crime, and the two fall deeply in love. In the Netflix series, it hasn’t been defined exactly who Betsy is to Melvin, but it’s clear he cares a great deal about her.

The obvious setup for Melvin to go all Gladiator on Daredevil’s red ass is for something to happen to Betsy, leaving Melvin with no one to blame but the man who promised to protect her. It’s a story that would make a lot of sense if Gladiator is in fact destined to become a Daredevil adversary in the series, but for now we’ll just have to wait and see whether or not Melvin tailors one of those awesome suits for himself.

4 Who will be the main villain for Season 3?

Bullseye - Characters We Want to See Daredevil Season 2

There’s been a lot going on in Daredevil throughout each season. Characters, both good and evil, are popping up left and right, and Hell’s Kitchen already feels like a fully fleshed out world all it’s own. With so many possibilities open to the writers, the next big question is, “Who is going to be the main villain for season three?”

Elektra seems to be a pretty obvious answer, as Matt’s former girlfriend turned super ninja spent most of season two dealing with an internal struggle between her light and dark sides. Just when it seemed she would go all Anakin Skywalker on us, she made the right choice in saving Stick instead of killing him as she had intended. Of course, there’s no drama in that, so she ended up dead in the finale, after which her body was recovered by The Hand. The ninja clan placed her body inside the blood-christened sarcophagus they had been preparing before sealing it closed, and it's pretty safe to assume this means we haven't seen the last of her. Elektra is obviously coming back as a baddie at some point, but will she take a back seat to someone else for a season before doing so?

The next most obvious option for next season's main villain is none other than Wilson Fisk, the man now officially known as The Kingpin. Fisk has remained a player in the organized crime infecting Hell’s Kitchen while behind bars, and after taking a diminished role in season two, season three could see him rise to power once again. We all know he’s getting out of prison somehow, and as we previously pointed out, he could be on the verge of figuring out that Matt Murdock is Daredevil. As fantastic as Vincent D'Onofrio has been in the role, it could be too soon to center another season of Daredevil around Fisk, so we may see him spending more time as a villainous threat lurking just out of the spotlight.

Another possibility we just touched on is Gladiator. If something happens to Betsy, and Melvin Potter inevitably blames Daredevil for it, we could see those saw blades become more than just easter eggs for fans. With that being said, Gladiator feels more like a villain to be featured in an episode or two, not a full season, but there is one big bad the fans are clamoring for, and he could grab the spotlight from all of the candidates above.

Check out any discussion about Netflix’s Daredevil right now and you’re bound to inevitably run into one name: Bullseye. Fans are clamoring for the villain’s debut in the Daredevil series, and there’s a possibility we’ve already been teased with his presence. Remember the sniper dressed as a S.W.A.T. team member who shot an officer in front of Ben Urich in season 1? It’s pretty widely speculated that that was a Bullseye easter egg, and the fans are crying out for more.

Hey, a healthy dose of fan love worked out for The Punisher, and Bullseye is one of the more widely known Daredevil adversaries, so he could be always hitting his target on a screen near you very soon.

3 What’s next for Punisher?

Daredevil - Jon Bernthal talks The Punisher in the MCU

Just when it seemed that Punisher’s storyline would be wrapped up nice and neat by the end of Daredevil season 2, we were left with scenes showing us that his story isn’t done quite yet.

Opinions are like internet cat memes, everybody has one, but overall, Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle seems to have gone over well with fans, so it’s highly doubtful we’ve seen the last of The Punisher. The big question at this point is how and when will Punisher show back up. Fans of the Netflix shows have long hoped to see some crossover with the big screen MCU, although Marvel movie boss Kevin Feige continually comments on how near-impossible it would be to make that happen, but The Punisher would be a prime candidate to make the jump. He's not currently tied down by an ongoing series, leaving him free to jump in and out of timelines between the MCU and Netflix stories as necessary. It's probably much more likely that Frank will make future appearances in Daredevil, or any of the other Netflix series, seeing as how they are so closely tied together, providing yet another common thread between them.

Then there’s always the possibility that The Punisher proves so popular that Marvel is left with little choice but to capitalize on the hype and produce a Punisher series. Many fans have begun to hope for Punisher to spin-off his own series following his debut in Daredevil, and if there were ever a perfect time to produce another series, this is it.

No matter what direction Marvel chooses, there’s still plenty of room in the Marvel universe for more Frank Castle, and our next entry on this list seems to be the perfect opening to more Punisher for everyone.

2 What is MICRO (the disc Punisher recovers from his house)?

Micro Disk in Daredevil

Marvel definitely left a giant open door for the return of The Punisher at some point, and the key to his continuing story seems to be the disc he recovered from his home before burning it down in the finale. Written on that disc is the word “MICRO”, and unlike the Black Sky, there is a connection to the comics.

In the pages of Marvel comics, Frank has had an assistant named Microchip, or sometimes Micro, who helps him out with intel while on missions. Knowing that Micro is a person linked with Frank Castle, and knowing his role in the Punisher series, there's a few possibilities open for what could be on that disc. It could simply be a disc containing information which Micro provided Frank regarding his hunt for The Blacksmith and the death of his family. Another possibility is that the disc contains information leading Frank to the whereabouts of Micro or providing him some way to contact him. Another scenario which seems likely is that in this universe MICRO may not be a person at all, but is instead some type of A.I. program contained on the disc which will give The Punisher an edge when ridding the world of evil.

Regardless of what the disc is finally revealed to contain, it’s definitely an extension of The Punisher’s story that we're interested in seeing.

1 How will Karen react to finding out Matt is Daredevil

Daredevil's helmet in Marvel Netflix Daredevil Season 2

Finally, we come to the biggest of the big questions following the end of Daredevil season two. In the final scene of the finale, we see Matt reveal to Karen that he is the Man Without Fear, and her reaction was emotional, yet neutral enough that we don’t know at this point how she feels about this revelation.

With their briefly on but then immediately off romantic relationship and Matt’s history of bruises and secrets, it seems unlikely that Karen wouldn't believe Matt is Daredevil, but it's still a hand Marvel could play since Matt is blind, and could even lead to newly hired reporter Karen Page digging into the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen to figure out who he “really” is. 

The more likely scenario (and the one we'd prefer at this point) seems to be the one that involves the most drama, wherein, much like Foggy, Karen is angry with Matt for keeping this secret from her, but slowly accepts the man and his mission over the course of the next season.

No matter where the story goes from this point, Matt revealing to Karen that he is Daredevil was the image we were left with at the end of season 2, which leaves her reaction as the biggest question mark going into season 3. Will knowing help her accept Matt’s odd behavior, and will the two of them finally merge into the super couple fans are hoping for? Tune into season 3 to find out!

What questions were you left with following the season two finale? How can Daredevil get even better in season three? Let us hear it in the comments section.

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