How Marvel Will Reveal the Mystery of Wolverine's Return

Marvel has announced a Wolverine-centered one-shot that will explore the mystery of Logan's return. From there, the intrigue will spin out into not one, but four tie-in series.

After a period of over-exposure, back in 2014 Marvel decided it was time to kill Wolverine off for a while. They first stripped the Canucklehead of his healing factor, and then had him coated in molten adamantium. Of course, these are comics, and death is something of a revolving door - especially for the X-Men. Wolverine finally returned in last year's Marvel Legacy one-shot, but his resurrection remains unexplained.

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It seems it will fall to writer Charles Soule to explore this mystery. In April, Soule will team up with one of Marvel's top-talent artists, David Marquez, for The Hunt for Wolverine. This issue will launch not one, but four spin-off series, each of which explores a different side of Wolverine's character. They include Adamantium Agenda (action/adventure), Claws of the Killer (horror), Mystery in Madripoor (dark romance), and Weapon Lost (noir/detective). "The more you read," Soule noted, "the more clues you get."

This is certainly an appropriate way to bring Wolverine back into the mainstream Marvel Universe. Soule was responsible for writing the Death of Wolverine miniseries back in 2014, and he turned Logan's death into a love-letter to some of his most beloved arcs. The miniseries traveled from Madripoor to Weapon X, drawing in classic villains from Ogun to Sabretooth. It looks as though the resurrection will be something similar, with Soule heading up a project that will explore the different aspects of Wolverine's character.

Soule clearly considers the opportunity to be a thrilling one. "I have a bit of a reputation in X-continuity for killing off beloved mutants," he observed. "This time, it's nice to be part of bringing someone back!" Soule is perhaps doing himself an injustice. While it's true he killed off both Wolverine and (more recently) Cyclops, he's also currently writing the popular Astonishing X-Men series. That book has already led to the apparent resurrection of Charles Xavier, although it's possible Xavier isn't really a hero anymore.

Marvel promises that The Hunt for Wolverine will be the beginning of "an epic story that will impact Marvel heroes and X-Men alike." What's more, it seems this arc is designed to climax in what seems to be this year's Summer Event, which Marvel describes as "one of the most shocking, daring stories of Wolverine’s history!" According to series editor Mark Paniccia, the 40-page special edition will feature a "stunning revelation" that fans won't want to miss.

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The Hunt for Wolverine #1 will hit shelves on April 25th.

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