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You should already know that Joe Johnston is directing. If you don't recognize the name, Johnston’s directing resume includes family adventure films such as Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and Jumanji; inspirational films such as October Sky; action/adventures like Hidalgo and even the upcoming creature-feature reboot, The Wolf Man. According to Feige, that kind of variety is what makes Johnston perfect to helm the kind of all-around adventure film Marvel wants for Captain America.

Feige also confirmed that Captain America will be a WWII period-piece (as was long rumored), although a more fun and adventurous period-piece a la Raiders of The Lost Ark. Then came some big news: Cap's plucky sidekick Bucky will be included in the film "in some capacity." Should I feel good about that? Or should I be feeling a bit of "Jar-Jar" anxiety? I'm not yet sure which.

In other Cap news: comic book insider Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool has been keeping careful eye on the June 17th release of Captain America #600 and the July 1st release of  Reborn #1, two books which are rumored to feature the resurrection of the recently deceased Captain America. According to Rich Johnston, comic book retailers are being asked to order extra stacks of the two books, as they will allegedly tie in to a "major announcement." Johnston speculates that the announcement could potentially involve the casting of Captain America in the movie. Up until now, many actors have been rumored for the role, but there's been little hint as to a frontrunner. Be sure to check back with us often in the next few weeks to see if they announce which actor has snagged the role.


The last we heard Jon Favreau was possibly going to helm The Avengers movie. Only real update to report is that according to Kevin Feige, Captain America will be involved in the film from the very start - meaning we won't have to spend half the movie waiting for The Avengers to thaw him out of suspended animation. That's good news, in my opinion: I was worried The Avengers was going to go the "Cap appears at the end" route. That would've been a serious cop-out.

Other little tidbits that Feige mentioned at the conference:

  • Writer Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) is finishing up another draft of the Ant-Man script.
  • Scarlet Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson are also signed on for multi-film, cross-franchise deals. Could we see Black Widow join The Avengers?
  • There will soon be another Marvel film announced for the summer of 2012. The Web is already abound with rumors of what it could be. Iron Man 3? Something completely new?
  • The order that the films are being released in (Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and finally The Avengers) is not random. There is some kind of narrative purpose to the ordering.
  • Feige wants the Marvel movies to imitate the comics' trend of surprise cameos by different characters in unexpected places. Sounds like fun to me.


Quick updates on everything we've reported recently:

Spider-Man 4 is gearing up for production and is slated to hit theaters on May 6, 2011.


That about does it for the Marvel Movie Update on Iron Man 2, Thor, The First Avenger: Captain America, The Avengers and Spider-Man 4.  Be sure to check back with Screen Rant regularly, as updates tend to come fast and furious in the summer season.

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