15“What Would You Prefer, Yellow Spandex?” 

Wolverine Movie Alternate Ending Costume

In the very first X-Men movie – Bryan Singer’s year 2000 game-changer – Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine expressed a lack of enthusiasm for the trendy black leather ensemble he’d been squeezed into. Then came an immortal line from James Marsden’s Cyclops: “What would you prefer, yellow spandex?” Cue

millions of comics fans around the globe shouting in the affirmative.

Years later, a scene was shot for James Mangold’s The Wolverine where Logan is handed a suitcase. He opens it, sees an immediately recognizable yellow costume inside, and raises an eyebrow. The scene ended up on the cutting room floor, becoming a fan legend.

The hints continued in Mangold’s dystopian western Logan, where comic book pages were shown featuring Wolvie in his beloved yellow threads. There was also an action figure depicted at one point, displaying the same iteration of the character’s costume. Sadly, this is probably the closest that Hugh will ever hue to the comics.

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