Disney CEO Says Next MCU Movies Will Be Announced Later This Summer

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Disney CEO Bob Iger confirms the next wave of Marvel films will be announced later this summer. The MCU recently wrapped up the first era of its existence, dubbed the Infinity Saga, with the record-breaking release of Avengers: Endgame. Though July's Spider-Man: Far From Home is positioned as the formal end to Phase 3, anyone who's seen Endgame knows it's essentially the closing chapter, culminating multiple character arcs - some of which fans have been following since 2008. But as much as that film was the end, it also set the stage for exciting possibilities in the future.

With more than $20 billion collected at the global box office (and counting), Marvel isn't going to slow down any time soon. Case in point: they're currently working hard on developing the first Phase 4 films, such as Black Widow and The Eternals. In an effort to keep the focus squarely on Endgame, Marvel opted to not officially confirm any of the mysteriously untitled projects they have scheduled for 2020 and beyond, but soon those will be revealed.

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On Disney's quarterly earnings call, Iger stated he expects Marvel to announce their next slate in the summer, but he isn't allowed to say what exactly they'll be. Cryptically, he did offer there are hints about what's next present in Endgame.

This lines up with comments made by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, where he said the first Phase 4 movies would be unveiled following the premiere of Far From Home. While nothing's been confirmed at this point, all signs are pointing to Marvel having another one of their trademark Hall H panels at San Diego Comic-Con. The premier pop culture convention takes place July 18 - 21 and would be the ideal venue to formally announce a fresh lineup of films. Marvel skipped Comic-Con in 2018, and it would be surprising if they didn't have a presence there two years in a row. It's true they won't have any 2019 releases to promote, but everyone is eager to find out what they have in store. Since Marvel has two 2020 dates, Comic-Con is as good a time as any to detail plans.

It'll be interesting to see how far in advance Marvel has their slate figured out. Disney's most recent release schedule has eight dates through 2022 set aside for MCU installments, so it's possible Feige will reveal the next three years of Marvel blockbusters. It's been said there's a five-year plan in place for Phase 4, but Marvel does not intend to announce it in full at once. They did that with Phase 3, and that lineup shifted multiple times after its initial confirmation. There's a chance everything is not set in stone yet as Marvel plots their trajectory. As for those tantalizing Endgame clues, that'll incite fan discussion, but some hints might be more obvious than others.

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