Marvel Movie Updates: Thor Cast Soon

Yesterday, Empire spoke with the President of Production at Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, and threw some questions at him regarding the upcoming Thor and Avengers movies.

For Thor, we recently found out that the movie would start shooting in January and we expected to hear some casting updates soon. As it turns out, that is the case and we’ll likely start hearing some casting decisions next month. Kevin Feige had this to say about Thor casting:

"We will probably be having cast announcements in the next month or so on Thor… We’re looking to cast Loki and Odin soon, and the main female role. And we’ll also hopefully have lockdown shortly, gearing towards the beginning of production, which will be early next year. So I think there will be a lot of announcements between now and then."

There have been a ton of rumors circulating of who’ll play the lead role. Of the many candidates we’ve heard about, there seems to be a leaning towards Alexander Skarsgård, Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hiddleston from the more recent reports. It will be gratifying to finally know who will play Marvel’s God of Thunder.

Feige also said that director Kenneth Branagh is already prepping and setting up some animatics for their first action scene. They’re also working on another rewrite of the script.

As for the The Avengers, Feige says that much of the shooting of Marvel’s upcoming movies will take place at their new facility in LA and that they’re working away on the script.

"Zak Penn is already on board The Avengers [as writer] and he’s spending a lot of his time looking into what we’re doing with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, seeing how we’re tying it all together. And he’s beginning to outline the script now – he’ll be doing that over the summer."

Sounds promising, we’ll let you know more updates on the Marvel flicks as we hear it.

Until then, let Screen Rant be your source of other movie and television news.

The revised release dates for Thor and The Avengers are June 17, 2011 and May 4, 2012 respectively.

Source: Empire

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