Marvel Movie Updates: Odin, Iron Man 2, Spider-Man Rumor & More

There's lots of little Marvel Updates to share this week, so here we are with another batch of Marvel tidbits. This update will cover Iron Man 2, Thor and the Spider-Man reboot.

Some of the things we'll touch on include the Thor characters Odin and Heimdall, a rumored villain and actor for the Marc Webb-directed Spider-Man reboot, Stan Lee, and some Iron Man 2 promotional updates.

Let's get to it.

Odin's Beard

As we know, the talented Sir Anthony Hopkins is playing the mighty role of Odin and as such, he must sport a mighty hairstyle. According to Hopkins, Thor's daddy looks like comedian/actor Billy Connolly.

"I’ve already grown a beard in preparation for the role, but when I put on my long wig on I look just like Billy Connolly. In fact I look so much like him I’m thinking maybe I’ll play Odin with a Glasweigan accent."

I love Billy Connolly!

Source: Bleeding Cool


Iron Man 2 Web Surfing

For those excited for this summer's epic arrival of Iron Man 2, its official website has recently been updated. It's Screen Rant's most anticipated film of 2010 so check it out:


A Big Sword Guards a Rainbow Bridge

Flicks and Bits spoke with actor Idris Elba who's got a cool role in the Thor movie, playing the character of Heimdall, the guardian of the Norse gods' BiFrost Bridge, a mystical bridge that connects the realms of Asgard and our Earth.

"Yeah man I`m filming that in Febuary, that`s gonna be excellent, I can`t say too much about it though, they`ve signed me to silence, it`s a big Marval comic, it`s exciting, I`ve got a big sword, a real big sword!"

Principal Photography began the previous Monday so with Elba set to begin in February, we can expect his character not to have too much screen time.

Source: Flicks and Bits


Spider-Man Reboot Rumor

If you didn't already know, there is no such thing as a Spider-Man film without a stupid amount of rumors and speculation. Adding to this, Clive Owen is apparently rumored to play Kraven the Hunter although I'm not sure who or where this one was made up.

The Coventry Telegraph managed to ask Owen about this and he of course replied that it was the first he heard of it. Borinngggg.

Source: The Geek Files

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