Marvel Movie News Round-Up: Thor & Iron Man 2

Amongst the bigger news items this week, a few minor updates regarding some of the upcoming Marvel Studios movies have made their way online and I thought we'd gather them together so we can all stay up to date.

In our Marvel movie news round-up, we have another casting addition for Thor, a new still from Iron Man 2, new information on a big trailer we'll be seeing soon and what the writers of Thor are working on next.

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Thor Casting Update

Joseph Gatt, a ripped actor/model who's done motion capture work on the recent God of War video games (among many other games), has posted on his official webpage and MySpace that he's currently rehearsing for a "secret" role in Thor and that his current mood is "excited." Can't blame him. We knew the rehearsals were happening this week and principal photography begins mid-January.

Gatt wanted to be an actor since the age of 8 when he saw Star Wars and wanted to become Han Solo. After training and theater work, Gatt's first role in a film was opposite Oscar Winner Oliver Reed in Orpheus & Eurydice.

We'll let you know more on his secret role when we find it. Here's a pic of Gatt:

Tony Stark Photo

Marvel put up a new still from Iron Man 2 a few days back featuring Robert Downey Jr.'s character of Tony Stark hard at work:

Iron Man 2 Trailer

While we thought the trailer for Iron Man 2 may play alongside Avatar this week, IGN says they've confirmed that it will not and instead will play next week with Sherlock Holmes.

The trailer played at Harry Knowles' (Ain't It Cool News) Butt-Numb-A-Thon alongside an impressive lineup up films and from what was described of the new footage added or completed since the teaser at Comic-Con, it sounds awesome. Be sure to check out Quint's recap at AICN.

The Writers of Thor

Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz, the writers behind Kenneth Branagh's Thor epic for Marvel Studios, have been picked up to write the script for a new vampire movie (another one?) for Paramount.

The film, titled Damn Nation takes place in the future and is based on the Andrew Cosby-Jason Alexander comic. The story is about the U.S. jumping ship after being attacked by "inhuman nocturnal predators," forced to survive in London as they seek a remedy to the problem and their fanged enemy.

Source: THR

That's it for the news items you may have not seen, be sure to check out Screen Rant's exclusive puzzle piece to the Iron Man 2 viral marketing campaign.

Share your thoughts on the news items below.

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