Marvel Movie News: Captain Marvel, Falcon, Guardians & Loki

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige talks Ant-Man, Avengers, Captain America, Thor, Iron Fist, Black Panther, Punisher, Deadpool and more

After the success of The Avengers, Marvel Studios and parent company Disney couldn't have found a better followup than the record-breaking Iron Man 3 - a movie that serves as the first chapter in the next phase of the expanding franchise. Up next on the two-films-per-year schedule is Thor: The Dark World this Fall, followed by the sequel to Captain America and a brand new IP in Guardians of the Galaxy next year, all before Marvel's heroes reunite in the summer of 2015 for The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Looking into the upcoming slate of films, this Marvel movie news roundup covers comparisons between Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars; Thanos' role in Guardians; Loki and Thor's relationship in The Dark World; Chris Hemsworth's perspective on playing Thor for the long haul; Anthony Mackie on Falcon's costume and future; and the desire for a female superhero lead in a Marvel project.


Guardians of the Galaxy, Far, Far Away

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art from Comic-Con 2012

In the latest issue of Empire, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke a little on Guardians of the Galaxy and how it compares to Disney's other upcoming space epic coming in 2015, Star Wars: Episode VII:

"We’re not making this to make Marvel’s Star Wars. We’re doing this to explore the other side of the existing Marvel Universe. The fact that Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) is a human from our time, that he carries a personal cassette recorder with him, already it’s very different. It’s not a long, time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it’s now in a galaxy far, far away."

On Thanos' involvement with Guardians of the Galaxy after a brief teaser introduction during the credits of The Avengers:

"Ronan The Accuser (Lee Pace) is very much the main bad guy. And Thanos is lurking above it all. You will learn more about Thanos in Guardians, for sure. Certainly you’ll get more than the one turn-around-and-smirk. You’ll get much more than that."

That's just one more confirmation of what we already knew - Thanos will appear and play a crucial role in Guardians of the Galaxy and we expect he'll continue his work behind the scenes of The Avengers: Age of Ultron and beyond, leading to the main event in Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Guardians of the Galaxy is just over two-thirds through principal photography according to star Chris Pratt who plays Peter Quill aka Star-Lord in the film:

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