The New Marvel Movie Logos!

[UPDATE: Check out the Promo Posters for Iron Man 2 and Spider-Man 4!]

It’s an exciting time for film buffs and comic readers alike as we have entered the era of comic book movies with no end in site. Today, we've got a little tease to keep that excitement up!

With films based on Marvel’s vast collection of characters and stories being created regularly by a multitude of studios over the years, we saw the genre grow even more with the comic publisher creating its own film production company, Marvel Studios, back in the nineties.

The logos after the jump...

Could we get Marvel films being made by entirely by Marvel though? Yes, finally! Our wish came true and they lived up to it with their first two self-produced features that you may have heard of: Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. Both were fantastic movies that respected the source material and were well-regarded by fans and critics (I think the fans have been saying something about respecting the source material all along…).

That being said, Marvel Studios is stepping up to the plate for the real test soon with the sequel to their massive hit, Iron Man, debuting next summer, followed by their other character origin films, and that little team-up movie that brings them all together. The big budget films based on big name characters have a lot to live up to with what fans were treated to last summer in the comic book movie genre.

Iron Man 2 has recently passed the half-way point of its shooting schedule, Thor is moving full steam ahead with major news items dropping every week, including the casting of its lead actors, and we can expect to start seeing some updates on the Captain America solo film real soon.

With that in mind, a very cool picture has popped up online thanks to the folks over at AICN that depicts the official Marvel logos for the four upcoming blockbusters that we’ve been discussing. The photo was taken by one of their readers from the Las Vegas Licensing Show and Screen Rant Master Vic did some work to clear it up and make it more presentable for you - Check it out and see what you think:

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Update: Here are the Promo Posters for Iron Man 2 and Spider-Man 4

As we all know, these Marvel character films are all sharing the same universe setup by the very young Marvel Studios and the big event they’re leading up to is of course the incredibly epic team-up film, Avengers. I'm not gonna lie, it’s a little insane to think that this is actually happening and the thought of it gets me excited.

The logos are awesome and they pay tribute to the classic designs we're become familiar with from the covers of the characters’ respective comic series’. Note the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo in the center – they and their leader, Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson in the next nine potential Marvel movies) will no doubt play the key role of tying all the films together and meshing them for the Avengers team-up flick. I hope we get a ton of cross-over cameos from the main characters as well.

What do you think of the logos?

Of the slate of Marvel films coming up, Iron Man 2 of course hits theaters first on May 7, 2010. The following summer, Thor opens May 20, 2011 and The First Avenger: Captain America opens July 22, 2011. Last but not least, we have the Avengers kicking off the following summer, May 4, 2012.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News & Slash Film

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