Marvel Confirms [SPOILER] is The Most Powerful Mutant

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Warning: SPOILERS for History of the Marvel Universe #3

Marvel Comics has officially revealed the most powerful mutant of all time. In the comics, mutants have always been considered the next step of human evolution. The most powerful mutants can rewrite reality at a whim, manipulate the weather of an entire planet, or influence every mind on Earth at once. These are the so-called "Omega mutants," whose dominant power has no upper limit whatsoever.

Marvel has only recently provided a concrete definition for the term, and examples include the likes of Iceman, Magneto, Proteus, Hope Summers, and Storm. But, of course, that doesn't necessarily mean every Omega is equal.

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This week's History of the Marvel Universe #3 finally confirms the identity of the most powerful mutant of all time. The comic is set towards the end of the universe's existence, as Galactus reminisces with the eternal mutant Franklin Richards. And the Devourer of Worlds identifies Franklin as "the most powerful mutant ever born." It's important to stress that Galactus is a cosmic figure with ties to the cosmic order, which means he has a level of cosmic awareness beyond most Marvel characters. He should be considered a reliable witness.

There's a sense in which this should really come as no surprise. The son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, of Fantastic Four fame, Franklin is able to manipulate reality itself. He can make his every thought and desire a reality, even on a cosmic scale. In the '90s, Franklin was able to create an alternate version of Earth as part of the "Heroes Reborn" arc. More recently, in the aftermath of Jonathan Hickman's Secret Wars miniseries, Franklin set about recreating the entire Multiverse. While his power isn't inexhaustible, no other Marvel character has operated on this kind of scale.

And yet, the timing of this news is particularly interesting. Jonathan Hickman is currently relaunching the X-Men franchise, with the mutant race segregating itself upon the living island of Krakoa. The mutants are particularly interested in the Omegas, considering them a precious resource to be treasured. In House of X #1, Cyclops made what seemed to be the latest attempt to persuade Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman to send Franklin to Krakoa. Of course, there's currently intense speculation that things on Krakoa aren't quite what they seem, and that the X-Men aren't batting on the side of the angels any more. If that's the case, then the X-Men will likely go to any lengths to acquire the most powerful mutant ever born.

  • Writer: Mark Waid
  • Art by: Javier Rodriguez
  • Cover Art by: Steve Mcniven
  • From the Fantastic Four to the Death of Phoenix, witness the awe and majesty of the beginnings of the Modern Marvel Universe!

History of the Marvel Universe #3 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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