Marvel Is Still Missing ONE Movie From The Original Release Slate

Marvel Studios is still missing one movie from the original release slate from 2005: Power Pack - a superhero team comprised of four young heroes.

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Despite releasing 22 films over the course of 11 years, Marvel is still missing one movie from their original slate: Power Pack. Way back in 2005, Marvel Studios was getting off the ground and they leveraged the movie rights to many of their top-tier characters and teams in order to obtain the capital needed to fund their first productions, ultimately beginning with Jon Favreau's Iron Man in 2008. But before that, they already had several other projects in various stages of development.

At the time, Marvel planned on making movies for Captain America, Nick Fury, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, Cloak & Dagger, Power Pack, Shang-Chi, and the Avengers. Of course, Captain America released at the tail-end of MCU Phase 1, which capped off with The Avengers, with Ant-Man coming in Phase 2 and Doctor Strange and Black Panther coming in Phase 3. Hawkeye and Nick Fury, on the other hand, have been relegated to side characters in mainline movies, with Cloak & Dagger ultimately becoming a TV series on Freeform. And now, Shang-Chi is being turned into a movie in the MCU's Phase 4 - but what about Power Pack?

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Out of the 10 movies that Marvel planned on releasing when they first got underway, the only one that is still nowhere near happening - either in film, on television, or in any other form - is Power Pack. For the uninitiated, Power Pack is a superhero team comprised of four young siblings, who are imbued with superpowers from the Kymellian alien known as Aelfyre Whitemane. What made them special, aside from their missions, was that Power Pack was a preteen superhero team that operated independently, unlike most young adult superhero teams in comics.

It was quite obvious that Marvel Studios planned on making a Power Pack movie in order to attract young moviegoers and families, people who perhaps weren't on board with more adult-oriented superhero films. Plus, it made sense given that Marvel Entertainment relaunched the Power Pack comic series in 2005, around the time that Marvel Studios started developing a Power Pack movie. But it appears that things have fallen by the wayside ever since then.

The last update on the Power Pack movie came in 2017, when it was reported Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 producer Jonathan Schwartz would oversee the project, which was being billed as a Spy Kids-type of story. Unfortunately, that development was never confirmed by Marvel Studios, but studio president Kevin Feige did tell Screen Rant that they were still interested in a Power Pack film in 2018. With the MCU Phase 4 moving in a more cosmic direction, one of the best bets at this point would be to turn Power Pack in a Marvel Studios TV show on Disney+, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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