Marvel Movie Timeline: A Complete History Of The MCU

The Return of the Celestials

Meanwhile, in the depths of space, the last of the Celestials - Ego - had created an entire world around his "living light." Creating a biological form for himself, Ego traveled the cosmos, seeking any hint that others of his race had survived. He ultimately realized he was alone. Ego forged an insane plan to absorb the rest of the galaxy into himself, but swiftly realized he would need another Celestial in order to achieve this. The solution, Ego decided, was to travel the galaxy and sire progeny, in the hopes some race would prove compatible with Celestial DNA. In 1980, Ego arrived on Earth, and met Meredith Quill.

To Ego's horror, he realized he was genuinely coming to fall in love with Meredith. He was increasingly tempted to abandon his cause, and instead live on Earth. Separated from his "living light," Ego would become mortal, and die a human. This temptation was dangerous, and so Ego chose to create a tumor within Meredith, one that would gradually kill her. He then left Earth forever.

Meredith gave birth to a son, who she named Peter. Over the years, Meredith's cancer progressed, and she finally died in 1988. Sensing her impending death, Ego hired the Ravager Yondu to collect Peter and bring him to Ego's Planet. Instead, Yondu adopted the child as his own, bringing him up as a "Star-Lord."

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The Secret of Eternal Youth

In 1989, Hydra agents discovered the Inhuman Jiaying. They recognized Jiaying as a woman experimented upon by Werner Reinhardt back during the Second World War, and realized that she had not aged at all. Fascinated by the discovery, Hydra arranged for Reinhardt to be freed from jail, and he took the identity "Daniel Whitehall." Whitehall was ultimately successful in reverse-engineering Jiaying's powers, restoring his own youth. It was at a terrible cost; he literally dissected Jiaying, and dumped the remains of her body in Austria. There, she was found by her husband Calvin Zabo.

In order to restore herself, Jiaying literally drained the life-energies from an entire village. This horrific act caught the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., and a S.H.I.E.L.D. team took Calvin and Jiaying's daughter, Daisy, hoping to keep her safe from these monstrous forces. The baby's parents pursued her, killing off the S.H.I.E.L.D. team one by one; the last two survivors secreted Daisy at Saint Agnes' Orphanage, giving her the name "Skye."

Broken by her torture under Whitehall and the subsequent loss of her daughter, Jiaying abandoned Calvin and retreated to the Inhuman colony of Afterlife.

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Hydra's Quest for Super-Soldiers

Hydra grew particularly interested in the so-called "Pym Particle," discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. consultant Hank Pym. Pym had unlocked the ability to change size, and had used these powers to run a number of key missions. He'd paid a terrible price, though, with his wife Janet Van Dyne sacrificing herself in order to stop an ICBM strike on the US.

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At the same time, Daniel Whitehall began work on what he called a "Particle Infusion Generator." This would allow Hydra to infuse a subject with specific particles, granting them the properties of said particles. Whitehall believed the best subject would be bred for this, and had a Hydra student undergo artificial insemination. Ultimately, Pym Particles proved to be a dead end; when Pym learned S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were attempting to duplicate his technology, he quit. Hydra instead turned their attention to the element Gravitonium, which had been theorized by Dr. Franklin Hall.

In December 1991, Hydra learned that Howard Stark had finally replicated the super-soldier serum. They used the Winter Soldier to assassinate Stark and his wife, and recovered samples of the serum. Hydra's experiments proved unsuccessful; the subjects were dangerously unstable, and Hydra were forced to abandon the project and place them in cryogenic suspension. Whitehall's strategy, to breed and train the perfect test subject, seemed the right way to go.

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