Is Marvel Lying To Us Through Fake Avengers 4 Set Photos?


A new batch of set photos have revealed that Samuel Jackson and Cobie Smulders are on-set in Atlanta, preparing to shoot scenes for a Marvel film. Some have speculated that these are the first set photos from Captain Marvel, while other suggest they're more likely additional photography for Avengers 4. The images themselves are pretty confusing, and fans are able to argue either way.

The photographer who took the shoot has taken to Twitter to reveal that he believes the whole purpose of these set photos was to cause confusion.

In the Photographer's Words

Samuel L. Jackson & Cobie Smulders spotted on set in Atlanta on Sunday for what is said to be an upcoming #Marvel project. Could it be for #Avengers4 ? Will have to wait and see.

— Reggie's (@ReggiesTake) January 22, 2018

The Atlanta Filming Twitter account has long been a source for photos and commentaries from Marvel sets in Atlanta. This time round, the photographer who runs the account thinks the point of his latest shoot was to drive the fans wild.

"If you pay close attention... you'll be confused. Which I think is the whole point of today's shoot."

Marvel know that fans are watching every detail, trying to work out what to expect from their upcoming blockbusters. Set photos for Avengers 4, for example, have left most fans convinced it's a time-travel film. Now Marvel have decided to stir the pot, deliberately arranging a shoot that's designed to confuse the issue. It's a smart, media-savvy strategy - and one that means fans need to be very wary indeed when it comes to interpreting set photos.

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According to the photographer, the photos in question are actually from two different scenes. Intriguingly, he also suggests that the actors weren't actually getting ready for filming; this has led some to believe the scenes aren't from Avengers 4 at all, but are actually from a movie in pre-production. Unfortunately, the photographer points out that he's aware of "like 3 Marvel films in some form of pre-production." To add to the confusion, he then dropped a tantalizing hint that post-production on Avengers 4 may not have actually wrapped yet. In that case, this may actually still be additional photography for the fourth Avengers film.

More Intriguing Clues

Nick Fury

The photographer cautions that something we "know" is wrong. As a result, any deductions are highly questionable.

Perhaps the most important detail here is that Samuel Jackson is on the set. Unless his contract has been renegotiated, Jackson is in his final two films with Marvel - Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel. That means this shoot is most likely associated with one of those two movies.

But here's where things get even more awkward. If the shoot is associated with two different scenes, they may not be from the same film at all. It would hardly be surprising to see Marvel movies overlap.

And the clues keep coming, with the photographer dropping a series of hints.

"So you need to figure out... who flies. Why in one version they are looking South and in the other version they are arguing. And why Sam doesn't have an eye patch. There's one other difference... which is secret."

When sites began running with the idea that these scenes were from Captain Marvel, he added another detail; that Captain Marvel is both a character and a film title. A retweet - apparently containing "good clues" - noted that Captain Marvel co-director Ryan Fleck was also on-set. These points strongly suggest that the "who flies" is actually Captain Marvel.

If these scenes are from Captain Marvel (set in the '90s), why does Fury have scarring around his eye? If they are from Avengers 4, why isn't he wearing an eyepatch in both scenes? And how does Maria Hill fit into the picture? Marvel have definitely played a smart move here, and the photographer is helping confuse the issue still further through social media.


Right now, it seems to be impossible to know the truth about this latest batch of set photos. Marvel has deliberately set up a shoot that is designed to leave fans bewildered, raising more questions than it does answers. Given how closely fans watch Marvel's every move, their approach certainly makes sense. It also means fans need to take a step back, and be a lot more wary when it comes to making predictions. After all, if Marvel have arranged one confusing shoot, how many others have been designed to mislead too?

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Source: Atlanta Filming

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