Marvel May Have Its Luke Cage for Upcoming Netflix Series

Luke Cage in Netflix TV Show

The last few hours have been a busy one for the folks over at Marvel Studios, thanks to casting rumors and confirmations concerning Jessica Jones and Doctor Strange. It would appear we’re not completely out of the woods just yet, thanks to additional reports concerning another one of the upcoming Netflix series, Luke Cage.

Currently, the new show has yet to lock down its writing team, but along with the Krysten Ritter report (in relation to Jones), news also broke that Marvel Television may have already found its Luke Cage.

Deadline dropped the following tidbit, in its earlier report on the Jessica Jones casting:

It came down to [Krysten Ritter] and Teresa Palmer, with both doing chemistry reads with The Following‘s Mike Colter, believed to be the choice for male lead Luke Cage.

This would make sense as, in the comics, there’s an established romantic relationship between Cage and Jones, so there would need to be a clear chemistry between the two going into the new series, especially if the plan is to introduce Cage within the arc of Jessica Jones.

Mike Colter in The Good Wife
Mike Colter in 'The Good Wife'

For a while now, there have been reports Marvel had already found its Power Man. Originally, rumors were swirling the company was heavily looking at Idris Elba for the role, a rumor that was later put to an end by the actor himself when during a Reddit Q&A earlier this year he stated:

Uh, I think there's an actor already signed on for it, fortunately or unfortunately.

And, to add fuel to the Colter flame, another rumored Luke Cage potential, Terry Crews, took to social media to state:

Congratulations to my man Mike Colter for being cast as LUKE CAGE! A brilliant actor for one of my favorite

Given Marvel’s desire to cast relative unknowns and/or low-key actors for major roles, it makes sense Colter would be the company’s choice over people such as Elba or Crews. Colter’s an actor with an extensive television resume that’s just been sitting in wait for his moment; and it seems that moment may be here at last. If there’s a plan that involves introducing Jones and/or Cage via the upcoming Daredevil series, we’d expect official confirmation relatively soon - or at the very least, sometime before those characters' series debut on Netflix.

Luke Cage is scheduled to hit Netflix sometime after the premiere of Daredevil (which arrives May 2015) and Jessica Jones.

Source: Deadline

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