Marvel's Inhumans Jump Into The DC Universe

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Lockjaw #4

Lockjaw may only be the mascot of Marvel's Inhumans but he just made history by entering the DC Comics Universe. And came face to face with some of DC's most iconic superheroes, confirming - once again - that in the imagination of both Marvel and DC writers, the two biggest comic universes actually exist in one big Multiverse. This meeting isn't one Superman will soon forget, either.

Despite the failure of Marvel's Inhumans TV series, it's still likely that casual fans will recognize Lockjaw: that's the benefit of introducing a gigantic, telepathically gifted, teleporting bulldog into the MCU. The TV series did a good job of showing just how powerful Lockjaw's ability really is, granting him the power to teleport into and out of any physical location in Marvel's Universe.

And, according to Lockjaw #4, even hop over into DC's Universe for a cameo or two.

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The current Lockjaw comic is diving deep into the Marvel mythology and downright wacky world of super-pets, with the title hero and his sidekick D-Man on a search for Lockjaw's littermates. Previously believed to be his mother's only pup, fans have learned that Lockjaw was subjected to the Inhuman terrigenesis in utero, and teleported his siblings away to safety.

Now that one has fallen into the clutches of Marvel supervillain Annihilus, Lockjaw has to get him back. Which means engaging Aniihilus in combat, and using his teleportation abilities to fling them through one Marvel location after another. Asgard, the Negative Zone, prehistoric Earth... even the DC Universe.

The cameo in the [REDACTED] universe can't be mistaken as anything but DC's reality. If not for the playful legality of the caption, then for the unmistakable costume of Wonder Woman (and by extension, the red boots and cape of Superman). Their time in this universe is brief, so Superman and Wonder Woman deserve some credit for handling the sudden appearance of a giant bulldog and his smaller comrade, embroiled in combat with Annihilus, and a dragon-ized D-Man. But considering what DC has been going through in the wake of its METAL event, maybe their tolerance for the inexplicable has been raised.

Fans shouldn't hope for much more than jokes of this scale, since the Lockjaw series is already having fun with the dog's abilities (traveling hundreds of thousands of miles and years in some jumps). But this is only the latest case of Marvel and DC throwing the audience a wink, suggesting that their own universes aren't as opposed as the most rabid fans might argue.

The rise of the Infinity Countdown event led to the hint that Shazam is Captain Marvel in an alternate universe, and even Spider-Man has made a leap into DC's Metropolis. Cross-universe cameos may only be possible for teleporters and alternate-universe travelers for the moment, but this trend shows no signs of stopping.


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Lockhaw #4 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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