Marvel's Legion 101 Video Explains Character's Origins

Legion Angel

Many comic fans raised an eyebrow when Fox and Marvel announced an unprecedented collaboration to create a show based on the lesser-known X-Men character, Legion. With nearly unlimited powers and close ties to the X-Men establishment, Legion seemed like an odd pick for a television, since he hasn't yet been introduced in the X-Men movie canon. Fortunately, with showrunner Noah Hawley (Fargo) at the helm, and teasers trickling out that boast a unique style and sense of humor, it looks like the show's distance from its source material may, in fact, be a blessing.

While reports are conflicting on whether Legion even takes place in the same universe as the X-Men films, the larger question is how much of the character's television incarnation will mimic his comic iteration. For those unfamiliar with David Haller, Marvel has you covered.

In anticipation of the upcoming series, Marvel has released a video (see above) designed as an introduction of the character's comic book iteration. For the video-averse, here's a handy transcript:

"The son of Charles Xavier, David Haller awoke from a terrorist attack with multiple personalities, all vying for attention. His inner people possess amazing abilities like telekinesis  and pyrokinesis, and far more, making him one of the most powerful mutants ever. Legion joined the X-Men to further his father's dream, but others tried to use him for their own gain, forcing David to seek to control of his powers. Meanwhile, new voices continued to speak up and grow stronger."

Legion New Mutants

While it's unlikely that Patrick Stewart will cameo in the show, and even less likely that actor Dan Stevens will pop up in future X-films, it's certainly possible that the show could establish Charles Xavier as Legion's unknowing father. It also seems like an almost certainty that the show will eventually see others trying to use him for their own gain, though unlike the comics, these villains probably won't include Red Skull.

Perhaps the biggest point of interest will be whether the show follows the formula of the ever-growing superhero TV show genre, or takes an entirely different direction. With a handful of competitors already on the market from DC's Arrowverse and Marvel's own ABC and Netflix lineups, Legion will have its work cut out in setting itself apart from the crowd.

For an even more detailed breakdown of Legion's history, check out 14 Things you Need to Know about Legion, and stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on the FX Legion series as they hit.

Legion is expected to debut early 2017 on FX.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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