Marvel Legends NYCC Figures Include Spider-Man Noir & Multiple Man

At New York Comic Con 2017, Hasbro reveals new Marvel Legends action figures for Spider-Man Noir, Multiple Man, Prowler, and more.

At New York Comic Con 2017, Hasbro revealed five new figures for its Marvel Legends toyline. The new figures include Spider-Man Noir, Taskmaster, Prowler, Multiple Man, and Gladiator.

During San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Hasbro unveiled several new Marvel Legends figures for 2018 and announced lines for Deadpool, the Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, Black Panther, as well as many new exclusives. Among the highlights were a HYDRA agent two-pack, Ghost Rider and Black Widow on motorcycles, a comic book-inspired Defenders boxset from Amazon, Black Bolt, and a Lizard build-a-figure. Hasbro announced even more characters at HASCON 2017 in September.

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At NYCC, Hasbro showed significantly less characters than they did at SDCC and HASCON, but the company did announce five new figures to fill in the gaps in their previously announced lines. Fans already knew from previous announcements that the 2018 Spider-Man series would feature a Lizard build-a-figure, Gwenpool, Spider-Punk, Lasher, Mysterio, and a modern version of Spider-Woman. Now we know that the series will include longtime Spider-Man ally and occasional foe Prowler, and Spider-Man Noir, a darker version of Peter Parker from an alternate universe. Wielding two pistols, the figure is shown wearing a trench coat.

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Also shown was Taskmaster, the third character to be revealed for the Avengers: Infinity War series, following Songbird and King Cobra. So far, every character in the series has been based on a comic book design. This particular version of the character is an update to Toy Biz's Taskmaster from the 2005 "Legendary Riders" series. During the panel, Hasbro mentioned that there are numerous Toy Biz characters like Taskmaster in need of an update, but there needed to be a balance between updating old character and releasing brand new ones.

For the X-Men series, Hasbro unveiled a first-ever figure for Multiple Man and the first retail figure for Gladiator of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, who had previously been limited to SDCC 2014 boxset exclusive. As a mutant who can make copies of himself, Hasbro revealed that Multiple Man will come with three interchangeable heads for collectors who wish to army-build the character.

Though no figure was shown, Hasbro announced that The Thing would receive a Marvel Legends Walgreens exclusive in 2018, which would complete the classic team for Walgreens. Exclusives for Invisible Woman and Human Torch were already released this year, and Mr. Fantastic was announced for 2018 during SDCC.

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