New Marvel Legends Action Figures Include Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool and Omega Red are joining a new wave of Deadpool action figure toys for the 6" Marvel Legends toyline. To coincide with Deadpool 2, the eponymous character is set to receive two waves of figures in 2018.

2018 is set to be a busy year for Hasbro and its Marvel Legends line. Hasbro started off the new year with the release of the Black Panther Marvel Legends series. The next series to be released is a wave of Spider-Man figures that will include a Lizard build-a-figure. There's also going to be a X-Men line with an Apocalypse build-a-figure featuring '80s versions of fan-favorite characters, like yellow-and-blue Wolverine and mohawk Storm. On top of all that, Hasbro's 2018 slate includes two Avengers: Infinity War waves and a Deadpool wave.

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Hasbro has now announced a new Deadpool wave, set to be released in the fall. The line will include Lady Deadpool, Omega Red, and Deadpool wearing a X-Men outfit. The rest of the figures in the wave have yet to be revealed. The new wave marks Lady Deadpool's Marvel Legends debut. Deadpool's female counterpart from an alternate universe is a fairly new character who was introduced in the comics in 2010. Wanda Wilson will come packaged with two katanas, as you can see from the images in the gallery below.

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As these photos illustrate, the Deadpool figure in the wave wears the classic yellow-and blue X-Men outfit but retains his iconic mask. The costume was worn at a time in the comics when Deadpool was a member of the X-Men.

Omega Red, a Russian supervillain and mutant from the '90s, is presented in his classic costume and will be a treat for fans of X-Men: The Animated Series. Though traditionally a Wolverine villain, Omega Red has had his share of clashes with Deadpool. The character was given a Marvel Legends figure in the 2005 Sentinel series, back when the toyline was still being produced by ToyBiz.

Lady Deadpool, Omega Red, and "X-Men" Deadpool will be in the character's second Marvel Legends wave. Fans who purchase the figures in the first wave will be able to build Alpha Flight member Sasquatch. At SDCC 2017, Hasbro announced that the first wave would include the Merc with a Mouth himself, Deathlok, Cable, X-23 in her X-Force costume, and Domino. Both Domino and Cable will be featured in Deadpool 2. At HASCON 2017, Hasbro unveiled the mercenary known as Paladin, the final figure in the wave.

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Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave 2 arrives this fall.

Source: Hasbro [via The Nerdist]

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